Expat life

What is expat life really like?

Expat life is INCREDIBLE!

Living as an expat is an amazing way to experience other countries, cultures and people. You experience another side of a nation, something those on a couple of weeks’ vacation miss out on.

There is so much to be gained from living overseas, I can't recommend it highly enough,

However, expat life can sometimes be complex and stressful and can present some unique challenges.

As much as we love expat life, there are times when we wonder what on earth we are doing. I don't shy away from sharing the realities of relocation, as it's important to know before you go!

How to Live Your Best Expat Life

Expat life is wonderful. Yet it can also present some unique challenges. Challenges which may be unexpected if you're not well prepared.

Expat life is simply life, but in another country. The grass isn’t necessarily greener – it’s just different grass (which is why we love it!). Expat life doesn’t always go according to plan and some issues are unique, confusing and often hard work to sort out.

I acknowledge this, so you'll find articles here on to help move through any expat life challenges.

Use the table of contents above to find the topic you're interested in to view the articles within that sections. Alternatively, search for what you're looking for here.

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Whether you're a newbie expat or a well-seasoned expat, The Expatability Club is for YOU!

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Expat life

Advice for Expat Life

Expat life issues are unique, confusing and often hard work to sort out, which is why I have put together some amazing articles on expat life to help you prepare and cope with many of the common issues you may face.

your arrival in a new country

Your Arrival in Your New Home Country

Tips and advice to help you fully prepare for a soft landing in your new home country  and a smooth transition to your new expat life.

Expat life vs Lockdown life
Settle your child into a new home – quickly!
How to prepare for UN-packing day
Moving overseas – Countdown to packing day

health and well-being

Health and Well-being

Manage your physical and mental health overseas. This is especially important for the accompanying expat partner, AKA trailing spouse. 

Portable careers
Domestic abuse and coercive control in expat relationships
Expats and travel insurance
Expat guilt

culture shock and reverse culture shock

Culture Shock and Reverse Culture Shock

Culture shock doesn't hit everyone, but it may, so be prepared. And reverse culture shock is what you feel when you return or even visit your home country.

Coping with an unexpected repatriation
Expatability Chat – my new podcast
Expat life vs Lockdown life
The culture shock graph

jet lag

Jet Lag

Jet lag can really take you out for a while. And when you have to do parenting too... help is here! It's short-lived, but intense.

Jet lag – how to beat it. An infographic
Jet lag: how to avoid it and how to survive it
Jet lag and children
How long does jet lag last?

visits home and repatriation

visits Home and Repatriation

Tips on managing visits to your home country and repatriation. While you may not think they're the same at all, there are similarities.

Top 5 Expatability Chat Podcast episodes
Christmas, Covid and expat life
Coping with an unexpected repatriation
Expatability Chat – my new podcast

expat challenges

expat Challenges and Problems

While we don't want to think about our dream expat life having challenges, there are unique parts of this life than can become overwhelming. 

Portable careers
Domestic abuse and coercive control in expat relationships
Expat guilt
How to set goals in uncertain times

more expat life tips

More Expat Life Tips, Advice and Support

There's a LOT to expat life, so I've added some links to extra topics here. Making life easier for you by making it quicker for you to find what you need!

Finding Friends

Keeping in Touch

expat stories

Expat Parents' Support Group

1-1 Support

Contact Me

1-1 expat support

Are You Struggling With Expat Life?

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Book a call with me to talk about any challenges or dilemmas you may have. 30 or 60 minute slots available.

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