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Raising Children Abroad

Everything you need to know about parenting your expat child and some of the unique situations life overseas can bring to the family.

Moving abroad with children is a challenge, but not one that should prevent you from going ahead with your new, exciting life abroad.

Your children will gain a huge amount of positive life experience from living overseas in a different culture, and will grow up with an amazing global outlook. Here is lots of information and advice to help prepare the whole family for expat life.

Making Your International Move Easier for You and Your Kids

On the whole, children are supremely adaptable. Of course, it’s much easier to move when your kids are very young. To be frank, it does get a bit more difficult to move countries when they are older…

Parenting is hard work at the best of times: and when you are in a different country with a new language, a new school and added cultural differences, it can be difficult to know how to keep everyone secure and happy.

I’m not going to pretend that expat life with kids is an easy journey for all families. Sometimes s*** does happen and I believe it's important that you know expat life isn't always a bed of roses.

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expat kids

All Expat Children Articles

All the articles about everything expat life with children here. 

preparing the children

Preparing Your Children for the Move Overseas

Tips and advice about how best to prepare your kids for a move abroad

My top tips for relocating overseas with children
What is the best age to move abroad with kids?
Advice for starting a new school
Three tips for successfully moving abroad with children

babies and toddlers

Babies and Toddlers

Key stages in your child's life and articles relating to expat life at their age.
Babies and toddlers

How to explain an overseas move to children
Thinking baby? Protect yourself and baby with maternity insurance
How to choose a kindergarten or pre-school overseas
Flying with children – how to stay sane

expat kids - 4 to 9 year olds

4-9 Year Old Expat Children

Tips for the younger members of your expat family; around 4-9 years old

School starting ages around the world
Settle your child into a new home – quickly!
How to explain an overseas move to children
How to help your child settle in a new school

your pre-teen expat child

Pre-Teen Expat Kids

Tips for the pre-teen members of your expat family. Ages will overlap depending on your individual child, but around 9-12 years old in general.

Focus on the expat family
How to help your child settle in a new school
Kids on a plane – alone!
Causes of Expat Child Syndrome

the expat teenager

The Expat Teenager

You may be heading into tricky territory here! Tips for the teen years with your expat child. 

How to ready your teenager for a lifetime of change
Focus on the expat family
How to help your child settle in a new school
Moving abroad with teenagers

pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy and Birth Overseas

You may give birth in your new country, or you may travel home for this. 

Thinking baby? Protect yourself and baby with maternity insurance
International surrogacy
What you need to know about maternity cover
Having a baby in Bangkok

choosing a school overseas

Expat Education

Lots of information about choosing a school or education option for your expat child

An expat’s guide to choosing a school overseas
The best way to learn a language
Making overseas moves easy for kids, and you – for 10 years!
Language learning by watching television

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An Expat's Guide to Choosing a School Overseas

There are lots of types of expat education out there, and not all of them look like school in the traditional sense; home education, for example.

So much depends on individuality that it’s hard to write a definitive guide to choosing a school.

I did my best though! My book, 'Expat Education - An Expat's Guide to Choosing a School Overseas' is now available on your local Amazon store!

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