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The Expat Directory

The Expat Directory is another of my sites, and provides a dedicated expat-friendly business list.

To be featured on ExpatChild and/or the Expat Directory, please download the Media Pack for full details and get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

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what's the difference between a sponsored article and a directory listing?


A permanent article on 

Sharing good quality, highly relevant and informative content to my readers.

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Do you accept guest posts?

I don’t accept unsolicited guest posts. Any posts you read here that aren't written by me are either sponsored articles or from people I have personally invited in the past.

Collaborations and affiliates

"Let's collaborate" is a quick way to turn me off. It generally means you're after free advertising. 

Affiliate stuff doesn't work for me, for many reasons. I may consider working with companies on an affiliate basis if we already have a long standing relationship, which shows mutual trust and I feel it will be in my best interest.

I prefer to share good quality, unique content with my readers by way of sponsored articles and listings on my Directory. Please refer to my media pack for more information on those and let me know if you'd like to go down this route, which is beneficial to both of us.

Who writes it?

You write your sponsored article. Because you know your business best, it makes sense to use your expertise to generate views. Only you know what aspects of your business you want to emphasise.

And besides, I don't have the time to research and write for you, sorry!

I may create a Directory listing on your behalf as I can easily get the information required from your website's About Page. We can talk about that.

Who else has a sponsored article?

Great question! You can view all current sponsored articles by following this link

Keeping it clean!

I'm picky! My website's reputation is important to me.

The business you wish to advertise needs to be relevant to my readership, and any post must link back to a single, relevant business website.
Your article will be clearly marked as ‘Sponsored by…’ and  ‘dofollow’ links aren't permitted. It would not be beneficial to me or your business to include them.
Also, I don’t permit adding hidden links on existing articles. 

Any questions? Do get in touch!