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Sponsored articles here on are the most efficient and popular way to spread the news about your business. The best articles are evergreen, full of interesting, relevant and useful information and of interest to my readership.

These articles are discovered easily via organic searches and are regularly shared over social media, making sure you reach the people who need and want your product or service.

I created ExpatChild in 2012. I’ve done the leg-work to build my followers and brand. Your target customer look to me as an expert on relocation and expat life.

My readers and followers are your target customers.

Find out more information from my media pack which you can download here:

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To save us both time, I thought it would help to write here what I do and what I don't accept on ExpatChild: 
I have specific criteria for sponsored posts and you can find out more from my media pack. I don't accept 'hidden links' in other articles. And no 'dofollow' links. 

For Expat-Friendly Businesses

As I mention above, sponsored articles work really well on ExpatChild and are full of interesting, relevant and useful information.

Another option is to take a listing on the Expat Directory.

To be featured on ExpatChild and/or the Expat Directory, please download the Media Pack for full details and get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

I look forward to sharing your business far and wide!

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