A FREE moving overseas checklist to download

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A moving abroad checklist for you

It’s happening! You’re moving abroad with your kids! Now, what to do next…?

Don’t panic! ExpatChild has the ideal moving overseas checklist for you to download and use, covering pretty much everything you could think of that you need to do in the run up to your relocation.

This downloadable list is designed to help you organise everything you need to do for a smooth move for you and your family. While we try to cover known and general situations, it is not all-inclusive. You might have additional items that are specific to your personal situation but it certainly covers the important stuff!

Please click below to get your copy of the checklist.

FREE checklist

A FREE moving overseas checklist for you to download

More expat resources to help you plan and prepare

You will end up with a LOT of lists as you work through ‘must do’ stuff like finding the right removal company, choosing schools, planning your vaccination schedules and so on. Organise them all in this beautiful Relocation Journal. Created specifically for anyone moving overseas, by me, using my insight, experience and knowledge.

Make sure you’re well prepared BEFORE you move

Help your children settle quickly and well into their new home with my expert tips and tricks here…

The Arrivals Checklist

Get my insider tips on what to pack and plan ready for your first days in your new home.

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Expat Education – Choosing a School Overseas

Choosing the right school for your child is one of the hardest decisions you’ll make as an expat parent when moving abroad. There are many education options around for expats, and so much depends on your individual family set-up and child that there is no ‘one-school-fits-all’ solution. Each child is different and each country’s school system is different, even within the ‘generic’ international schools. Also, families differ in their requirements and aspirations, and even relocations vary greatly. What worked well for you all in one country won’t necessarily be replicated in your next move.

It’s easy to get very stressed at this point. Don’t panic! I’ve written this book to help you kick-start your search for the best type of school for your child. Now available on your local Amazon.

Buy from Amazon

Abridged, eBook version

I’ve created an instant access eBook version of my Expat Education book so you can view the key portions right away. 17 pages of incredibly useful information and tips to help you start your expat education journey today.

Expat Education eBook

Get instant access to the key points to consider when choosing a school overseas.

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