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"I found you through an article in the Financial Times and I just listened to your first podcast.
I loved it! You actually put into words what I have been feeling about going back home, but not understanding why I was feeling that way. Anyway, thank you for doing this podcast and I look forward to listening to more."

Supporting expat parents and partners to navigate their move and life overseas

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"Wanted to send a big thank you for your podcast.
We have been in a holding pattern about moving. As a result, I have been getting more and more anxious and am having a hard time doing anything,
I just listened to the Overcome Overwhelm episode and I already feel better. The anxiety is much less. I feel like I have a plan to help me focus while we wait things out.
And yes, I found it so helpful that I had to write to thank you straight away!"

"Just listening to your podcast now, I love the way you talk - very straightforward and encouraging!
I have lived in many countries alone, and then with my partner, but now a 3 year old son and planning to move. I find your podcast super helpful!
Thank you for sharing."

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