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"How do I...?"

How, what, why, where, when, who?

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Where, what, why, who, when, how?


Who, what, why, where, when, how?

"What is...?"

What, where, why, who, when, how?

Since I created ExpatChild in 2012 I've filled it with articles covering almost every general topic about expat life and moving and living overseas with children. You can probably find what you're looking for by searching.

Naturally, there will be aspects of your move, life and family that won't be covered here, which is why I offer my one-to-one Expat Espresso Chat hours. These 1-1 discussions are where we can discuss your personal situation so that you can gain clarity and confidence that you're making the best choices for your family.

Over the years, certain questions pop up again and again, and while I've usually written an article in answer to that question, you may find it easier to look here - after all, there are hundreds of articles here and I like to help you as quickly and as efficiently as possible!


I want to move abroad. How do I do that?

Basically, research your visa options first through your chosen country’s government website. Yes, you generally need a visa to go and live in another country!

There's a couple of articles on here, and an Expatability Chat podcast episode that can take you through the main ways people relocate overseas. Then you need to do your research on how best to make it happen.

How to Expat
How to Become an Expat
Podcast episode

How do I find a job overseas?

Again, I have a couple of articles here that can help you start your search:

How to Find a Job Overseas
Portable Careers

Where is the best place to live as an expat?

Not a question I will answer!

Everyone is different, and everyone has different needs, wants, loves and hates. One person's idea of the best country will be another's idea of hell on earth. Have a think about why you want to move overseas and what you want that new country to 'give to you', plus how you will best fit into that country.

Do some Googling; there are plenty of statistics out there that may help you find your dream country.

I also talk about why I don't answer this in my podcast episode 'How to Expat'

How do I help my children prepare for the move?

Ah, well that's pretty much how and why I created ExpatChild!

There's a ton of information on this topic here. And on my Expatability Chat Podcast. It does depend on your children's ages, but basically communication is key - talk and more importantly, listen. Let me link you to some key places to help you start.

All Preparing Kids Articles are here
How to Prepare Kids for Moving Overseas - podcast episode
Moving With Teens - podcast episode

Now I realise that each family and move is very different, so if you'd like some expat expert advice from me on this topic, please book a call with me here for personalised expat advice.

Am I doing the right thing by moving my family abroad?

The most likely answer to this question is a big, fat YES!

However, there are always considerations and I have spoken to people who have dreams that simply cannot be made into a reality.

A lot depends on your expectations. I could write pages and pages on this, but perhaps it would be better to talk. That way, I can hear your plans and give my insight and advice to help you solidify your plans.

Let's chat - book a call with me here.

My family are making me feel guilty for moving abroad. How do I deal with this?

A common problem, I'm afraid. Expat guilt is 'A Thing' and whether it's you feeling guilty for moving, or your family and friends making you feel guilty by giving you the old 'guilt-trip' treatment, you are most definitely not alone.

I've written about it here - Expat Guilt - and you'll see from the many, many comments just how common this problem is.

I will just say this, if your family are saying you are being selfish for wanting to move, aren’t they also being selfish if they try to hold you back?

Anyway, to address this very FAQ, I have created a very special, very useful Master Class on how to manage expat guilt: how to cope with your own feelings and how to manage others. You can find it here: Erase Expat Guilt and Reclaim Your Life Master Class.

Another topic I can talk about for ages, so if you'd like my own brand of no B-S advice on this, book a 1-1 call with me here and I'll help you cope with your personal experience of expat guilt.

I'm moving back to my home country. Is there anything I should know?

Oh yeah! More than ever you'll need to prepare for this move back home. Most ex-expats thought moving back home would be easy. It's not (and I can confirm this as I moved back to the UK after 12 years overseas. It was hard!). Take a look through my articles here and listen to my Expatability Chat podcast episodes on the repatriation topic. 

All Repatriation Articles
Repatriation Blues - podcast episode
The Ex-Expat Club podcast episode

What can you help me with on your 1-1 calls?

The intent of my 1-1 calls is to enable you to talk over any expat life, parenting, education and personal / emotional issues you may have with someone who has not only lived overseas and moved back home, but who also has some real life experience too. 

As long as you are OK with my no BS straight-talking, you'll find I have a ton of common-sense and can quickly bypass any overwhelm you may be feeling.

Talking with someone who completely understands your life means we can get straight to the point without you having to explain and justify yourself!

Some of the aspects of expat life I can cover are;

- Clarity on your options and decision making process
- Brainstorming with someone who knows the life
- Confidence that you’re making good choices for your family
- Emotional support
- Overcome overwhelm
- Coping with homesickness and expat guilt
- Tips to help you prepare your children for the move and advice on helping them adapt to their new life
- General education options and tips
- Insight into moving and living overseas, plus moving back home again too
- Referrals to other sources where necessary

Obviously I can't cover every eventuality here! If there's something different you'd like to discuss that's not listed here, please drop me an email before you book your space.

What can't you help me with?

There are certain topics I don't deal with, mainly for legal reasons. These include:

- Getting a visa – please research through your chosen country’s government website

- Finding you a house - please read this article - Buying Property Overseas and listen to this podcast episode - Finding Your New Home Overseas

- Helping you find a job - please see the FAQ above

And when you're ready to move, let's chat further!

Ask me anything expat! If you have a question I've not covered here, please contact me

1-1 expat support

I help expat parents and partners to have success and confidence in every aspect of their lives.

Ask me anything expat! Book a call with me to talk about any challenges or dilemmas you may have. 30 or 60 minute slots available. 

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