Helping expats of all levels of experience build a successful life, career, and family overseas.

Want to make sure your life abroad is a success, both inside and out? Well, you've found the right person to guide you! 
Let me show you how...

If you want a successful, happy, dream life abroad, I'm here to help you make it happen!

I help expats of ALL levels of experience build the successful expat life of their dreams.

Wherever you are on your expat journey: planning, first timer, 10th timer, or even moving back home, I'm here for you.

As an Expat Life Mentor, I can guide you on the right path to make your expat life a success. I am not a coach, or a counsellor, so you'll get real, actionable advice and tips from me.

Success in your whole life

Success in your whole life - wherever you are on your expat journey. Not just for new expats, I also support long-term and seasoned expats through their changing needs as time goes by.

Success in your relationships

Relationship success, for relationships both at home and away. Managing that expat guilt, for a start! And so much more.

Success in your expat mindset and well-being

Moving overseas as an accompanying expat partner (AKA trailing spouse) can throw up some unexpected emotions. To succeed, you need to get support and discover the tips my expert expat insight can provide.

Success in parenting your expat child

Parenting is hard work anyway. Add in a different country, a decreased support network, maybe a new language, and unexpected school systems, parenting an expat child can become overwhelming at times.

Success in your expat friendships

Success in finding new friends in your new home country can make or break your day-to-day life. I've got advice for you, and the best expat support network to offer you.

Danielle Hayduk

1-1 client

"I grew up in France, but had lived in the States for the past 40 years. So when I decided to go back to France, not wanting to feel like I stepped out of a time machine, I figured it might be a good idea to get some professional advice - as they say, you don’t know what you don’t know.
When I spoke to Carole I took out my list of four questions, so easily answered, then I let her guide me to what I really needed to know. My consultation with her allowed me to make a game plan which became an easy roadmap to navigate - that is as easy as French red tape can be.
Since I’ve been in France, I’ve heard many stories about nightmare consultants quick to have you cough up money but never deliver.
My advice: stick to a professional and let Carole do her magic, she knows her stuff."

Quick Notes

Depending upon what you want, and what method you'd like to use, here are the basics on how I can help you. And scroll down for more details.

Quick Fix

You're up against a dilemma, challenge or overwhelm in part of your expat life. Or want help to make a decision. See my 1-1 Zoom chat or Voxer Day!

Gift of Time

Perhaps you're in the midst of a move, overwhelmed? Need to free up some time by using my contacts and skills to gift you time by working on your behalf? 


The Expatability Club is for you. A 'one-stop-shop' for expat success! The community and advice hub where you'll never feel alone or unsupported


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What I Can Offer You

Get personalised advice for every stage of your expat journey! 

I'll listen to your concerns and come up with the best solutions based on your individual requirements. I am confident in my ability to provide experience-led advice and recommendations tailored to your specific needs.

While I can’t make your decisions for you, I can offer honest advice, experience-based suggestions, recommendations, tools, tips and resources to save you time, and lighten your mental and emotional load.

Some details below, or visit my sister-site, Expatability, where you can find out more about my expat support options and offerings.

Expat Espresso or ristretto
A one-to-one video chat pf 30 or 60 minutes to blast through your most pressing concerns.


Expat voxer day
Your own Expat Expert in your pocket for a full day! Confidential and works around  your busy day.



Working for you to give you back time. Consider me your expat VA to research your new city on your behalf and more! 


Expatability Club

Your 'one-stop-shop' for expat success! Join the only expat club you'll ever need! From home to away, and back again.


Testimonials from some 1-1 clients



“Carole just gets it - she can relate and has such a wealth of knowledge and life experience in being an expat; relocating many times, having kids, and relocating them, and a partner who works away, not taking the traditional route and so being different to those around her.

I found this very comforting, intriguing, and reassuring - she is very strong, independent, positive, happy, encouraging, optimistic and this energy was exactly what I needed when I was feeling stressed with the weight of the world on my shoulders.

She made me feel excited for the future rather than scared.

Before speaking with Carole, I had really bad expat anxiety and it was manifesting as expat depression too.

I felt stuck, trapped, alone, scared, so incredibly stressed and I really didn’t know what to do. I was having trouble with dating abroad and thoughts of the future, being homesick and missing my family, struggling to like my new city. It was all a lot, and I really needed some guidance at that time.

After chatting with Carole, I felt more hopeful, optimistic, excited and knew that everything would be OK. That I’d look back one day and be proud of myself, and this made me feel more excited to adventure and explore rather than having a fear mindset.

I felt that all the pressures I had put on myself were quite irrational and were black or white thinking. I learnt that life isn’t so simple, but it is a fun journey which you can never predict! This made me feel more at peace with things not being ‘perfect’.”



"I’m very happy to recommend Carole after me and my wife had a 1 hour Expat Espresso session with her.

Before working with Carole we knew that we wanted to make plans to spend time in Australia after living in France for 5 years together and we were both finding it hard to envisage, especially the practicalities and taking the leap.

After an hour with Carole we had some solid plans in place and some goals to work towards which are already starting to take shape nicely.

The time with Carole was the push we needed to put our plan into action. Carole was honest and told us to go for it and it was the catalyst we needed.

If you want someone to give you honest, practical and realistic advice then speak to Carole. It saved us lots of time stressing and worrying and now excited about the future."

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