Prepare and Plan for Your Move Abroad

Everything you need to know to help you plan your overseas move

On this page you will find ALL the help you need to help you plan your move overseas with your kids. Including some key points to read up on before you relocate abroad with children.

While some of the tips here are about the practicalities and logistics of planning a move, you'll also find a lot of advice on managing the emotional side of expat life.

Planning and Preparation for Expat Life

What do you need to do before you move and live overseas?

So much! The more prepared you are, the more successful your expat experience will be. Start preparing yourself and your children for the overseas move well in advance.

Use the table of contents above to find the topic you're interested in to view the articles within that sections. Alternatively, search for what you're looking for here.

Making expat life
easier for you! 

  • Helpful resources to help you plan your move abroad
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Expat Resources to Help You Organise Your Move

Moving Overseas Checklist

FREE checklist for you to download and use so you don't forget a thing!

Know Before You Go

5 discussions you need to have with your partner before moving abroad. FREE eBook with conversation openers.

Arrivals eBook

Prepare to arrive well with my eBook for a soft landing and smooth transition to expat life

Packing Lists

Discover my key tips on what to pack in each of your luggage shipments and carry-on bags.

An Expat's Guide to Choosing a School Overseas

There are lots of types of expat education out there, and not all of them look like school in the traditional sense; home education, for example.

So much depends on individuality that it’s hard to write a definitive guide to choosing a school.

I did my best though! My book, 'Expat Education - An Expat's Guide to Choosing a School Overseas' is now available on your local Amazon store!

plan and prepare

All Planning and Preparation Articles

All the articles about everything to do with the whole 'before you move overseas' time. And there are a LOT! So, I've added some sub-sections below to help you find what you need. 

packing and removals

Packing Tips and Removal Companies

Packing your entire life into boxes can seem overwhelming. And that's not even considering how best to find an international removal company. I've got all the advice to help you here.

Packing tips for a family move abroad
Resources for your move abroad
Moving internationally with Crown Relocations
Moving overseas? Packing day!

prepare the kids

Preparing the Children for the Move Abroad

This is the entire reason I first created ExpatChild! Of course, it's all expanded since then to embrace all aspects of moving and living overseas. Here you'll find excellent tips and advice on how to prepare your kids for their upcoming new expat life.

My top tips for relocating overseas with children
What is the best age to move abroad with kids?
Advice for starting a new school
Three tips for successfully moving abroad with children


Legal Information About Moving With Kids

You'll find legal advice here on moving abroad with children, and what to do if things go wrong, provided by some of the best expat family law firms. 

Moving to Spain? 5 top tips to know before you go
Domestic abuse and coercive control in expat relationships
Family law: child maintenance and spousal maintenance
Family law and financial advice


Expat Financial Information

Expat financial advice is more important than ever now the 'expat relocation package' is being phased out and the cost of living is getting higher.

How to survive your first year abroad
Family law: child maintenance and spousal maintenance
Family law and financial advice
Transferring money overseas – an infographic

moving with pets

Moving Pets Abroad

Pets are family too! Having moved several times with various pets, you'll find advice from me and pet relocation experts here.

Relocating overseas with pets
Moving overseas with pets
Repatriating with family – and dog
How does your lovely pet feel abroad?

The journey

Flying With Children

Tips here to help you (and other passengers) survive the flight with your children! And also tips to help with jet-lag.

Travelling with kids – the legalities
The art of hand luggage
Travelling with an anxious child
10 ways to fall asleep on a plane

language learning

Learning the Language

A vital part of the planning and preparation is to learn at least some words and phrases of your new language. 

The best way to learn a language
Language learning by watching television
English is not enough!
Foreign language learning for children

expat education

Choosing a School Overseas

Linking to all my expat education articles via an entire, dedicated page as this is sometimes one of the most difficult decisions us expat parents make.

An expat’s guide to choosing a school overseas
The best way to learn a language
Making overseas moves easy for kids, and you – for 10 years!
Language learning by watching television

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