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10 top tips for a smooth move

Crown Relocations is one of the leading relocation’s companies globally, helping individuals and families move for over fifty years. Based on our experiences of working in the relocations industry as well as our own personal experiences we’ve put together a list of top tips for a smooth relocation.

Before your international move

1) Start planning early

There is a lot that goes into an international move and so give yourself plenty of time to make sure nothing has been forgotten. We recommend giving yourself at least three months planning time before your move.

2) What goes into planning?

What exactly am I planning for? You may wonder. Well here are some of the things we recommend looking into before you arrive at your new destination:

  • What area you would like to move to
  • Whether to rent or buy
  • Finding the right schools
  • Pet relocation requirements

If you need support with your research we can help! We offer destination services  to our customers to help make sure they settle in as quickly and easily as possible.

3) Declutter before you move

This will help you in multiple ways. One of which is there will be less items to take with you when you move internationally. It will also make your home look tidier and fresh for prospective buyers or tenants when trying to sell or rent your current home.

4) Remember to ask for help

Take advantage of the support network you have from friends and family but also from professional services. The best relocations companies can offer professional packers to pack boxes for you – and this can save a lot of time. Professional cleaners may also be a good idea. In fact if you are renting then it is often a requirement of the contract to pay for a cleaner to visit before you leave.

5) Packing tips

There are plenty of moving hacks out there to make your relocation easier. Some of our favourites include:

  • Photocopy all essential documents such as passports, travel documents and prescriptions.
  • Pack a few toys into your suitcases so your children have something to play with when they arrive.
  • Make sure there is a digital copy of all your photos onto a USB stick or external hard drive. Scan any old photos to create a digital copy.

6) Consider storage solutions

For those who want to move quickly, or who intend to return within a short time-span, it is worth considering an option to simply store goods while you are away. Crown Relocations provides a secure storage facility, to give you peace of mind during your move.

After your international move

7) Getting up and running

Crown Relocations is able to look after the basics when you set up in your new home. We’ll be able to organise the following; your utilities, advise of banking, insurance services and local registrations.

8) Unpacking just as you left it

Take pictures of the layout of each room so you can have things exactly as you like them in your new home. Tricky furniture to dissemble and reassemble when you arrive? Our packing crews take pictures before disassembly of any furniture which is then share with the packing crews at your destination. This means we are able to assemble your items exactly as they were left, giving you one less thing to worry about.

9) Consider intercultural training as part of a settling in package

Moving to a new country can be pretty daunting when you first move. Especially when it’s to a country that has a completely different culture to what you’re used to. This is why we offer intercultural training to customers we support during their international moves. The confidence gained from learning how to communicate, and  integrate into the local culture, ensures settling into your new life with ease.

10) Be a tourist

You may not just be visiting but this is still going to all be new to you. Take some time before you settle in to day to day life to explore your new home. This will also help you get to grips with the culture. From exploring you’ll be able to find the essentials you’ll need going forward such as, supermarkets, night life, restaurants, chemists and the nearest doctor to you.

Lastly, enjoy yourself! International relocations are exciting opportunities that not everyone gets a chance to experience. For more information on how Crown Relocations can support your move visit our website.

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