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The best way to learn a language

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What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?

Whilst it’s generally acknowledged that full immersion into a language is the best way to become fluent, this is a) pretty stressful and b) not at all possible during a pandemic!

Full immersion means diving headfirst into a country, culture, life, and language with no life jacket. Immersion means living – properly living and interacting with the language; only speaking that language. If you take a formal full immersion language programme, you’re not allowed to speak anything other than the language you’ve signed up for. You must tread water in an environment where you’re not allowed to speak your mother tongue. It’s not easy, but it does work.

However, not everyone is able to commit to a full language immersion strategy; you may have a family to care for, you may have no time to dedicate all your time to the program.

How can I learn a language around my busy family life?

You can learn a new language in the comfort of your own home, at any time and at a pace that suits you and your family’s lifestyle. This is particularly useful when you’re planning a move abroad because being able to navigate your way around your new expat life in a different language is an unbeatable advantage.

How do I know which language course to take?

Learning a language doesn’t just mean learning new vocabulary and rules of grammar. Truly knowing a language means understanding the culture, and being able to interact with others. Here’s a solution that’s able to do this so you get the benefit of the result like full immersion but with much less stress and no COVID-times travel.

Learn a new language with stories!

An exciting, new way of learning foreign languages. With the StoryLearning® method, you learn languages quickly – through stories, not rules, and when you learn with stories, you don’t just learn a language, you learn to use the language. Everything here is aimed at teaching you the simple techniques to learn new languages quickly, using the power of story. When you know these techniques, you can craft the life you want, with the people, cultures, and languages you love at the centre.

If you’re looking for the fastest way to learn a language, start here:

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Beginner level

Uncovered is a comprehensive online course designed for beginners (levels A0, A1, or A2 in the CEFR system – Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

The courses are based around a 20-chapter story in simple language, and includes everything learners need to go from the complete beginner level (A0) to the intermediate level (B1).

The Uncovered courses include dozens of video lessons and exercises to help learners improve every aspect of their language learning, including:

  • vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation
  • listening, speaking, reading, and writing

Select from the languages below and you can try the course FREE right now!

Languages Uncovered

Intermediate level

Conversations is aimed at pre-intermediate and intermediate level learners, which corresponds to A2-B1 on the CEFR.

Conversations is a ground-breaking online course that helps you understand fast, spoken language, so you can transform your listening skills in less than 90 days, take a fuller part in conversations yourself, and reach your true language learning potential.

Click the images to learn more!


Grammar Hero

Grammar Hero is an online course that helps learners stop translating in their heads and internalise grammar through Controlled Immersion and aimed for low-intermediate to intermediate students, or levels B1 to B2 in the CEFR

For each language, Grammar Hero includes 15 stories that are carefully written for low-intermediate to intermediate students, so they can understand and enjoy the material without getting overwhelmed by difficult words or complex sentences. Grammar Hero allow learners to naturally acquire grammar in context and without distraction. Instead of boring textbooks and complex grammar explanations, learners can make sense of grammar through exciting stories.

Click the images to discover more.

Brazilian Portuguese

You don't need to travel to learn a foreign language!

Learn a new language fast, understand fast, spoken language and internalise the grammar, speak with authenticity & communicate with freedom!


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