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Top 5 expat life podcast episodes

As at March 2021

Since I launched my Expatability Chat Podcast in the summer of 2020, peak pandemic, it’s become a way of reaching so many more people through the medium of voice.

Here, I share the top 5 episodes to date, with links to my other site, Expatability, so you can listen OR read the transcript, whichever you prefer. There’s also a link to my podcast on the most popular platform, Apple Podcasts. It would be great if you’d subscribe, rate, review and share to help others find it.

It’s available on all other podcast platforms too, just look for Expatability Chat on your favourite!

Repatriation Blues

How to manage an unexpected, unwanted or unplanned repatriation

Published 1st July 2020, at the peak of the confusion caused by the coronavirus.

Repatriation after an expat assignment is hard for everyone. It’s even more difficult when your move back home is unexpected, unplanned, and unwanted. The COVID-19 pandemic turned the world of relocation and global mobility on its head, and we’re still not sure what will happen in future. Leaving the country you’ve been enjoying living in without being able to say a proper goodbye is so supremely difficult.

It’s common for those returning home to think it will be easier to repatriate than it was to expatriate. After all, if you’ve lived there before, how hard can it be?

Unrealistic expectations about home, and a lack of preparedness for the reality, can in fact make repatriation more difficult than expatriation. When moving abroad, families share in the adventure to an unknown location, but each family member will have a very different experience of their home country.

Lots of sympathy, advice, information, and insights so you’re realistically prepared for expat, and ex-expat life.

Before You Say ‘Yes’ to a Move Overseas

Conversations to have with yourself and your partner before going for an international assignment

Published 13th July 2020

There are numerous aspects of expat life that need careful consideration and discussion before you leap off into the wild blue yonder. And some of these discussions may be hard. But they need to happen.

Most problems arise from assumptions and unfounded expectations. So deal with those before you agree to move.

Maybe you’re not completely 100% sure about this massive decision just yet. Maybe you’re not sure if expat life is right for you? Maybe you have concerns about the destination? Perhaps it’s a timing issue? Have you discussed the future? What happens once the assignment is finished, or if one of you wants to stay and the other wants to leave?

Even if you’re raring to go, there are still some discussions you need to have with yourself and with your partner. Even if you’ve said yes already, there’s still time to clear up some of the issues I talk about here.

Expat Mental Health

Expat life, depression, anxiety and more

Published 5th October 2020

Expats are at double the risk of mental health conditions compared to people who never move abroad. And over half of those who are unhappy living abroad say that not having a personal support network in the host country contributes to their unhappiness.

We have great hopes for our new expat life, but reality often lets us down. We realise that expat life is not the Instaperfect dream we expected and this can hurt. Expat life is an emotional rollercoaster. Many say it, many agree – you have ups and downs. It’s when the ups disappear and the downs dip further and stay down that we need to get support and help.

Nobody expects to experience mental health problems, and nobody can predict how you will cope with your new life, however resilient you think you may be.

Being properly and realistically prepared for your new life abroad makes it easier to manage your expectations and hopefully prevent some of negative experiences you may encounter.

Researching Your New Life Overseas

How to research expat life effectively

Published 7th September 2020

I expect the first thing you did as soon as you heard you may be moving overseas was to start researching your potential destination. Sounds obvious, but you would be surprised at how many people make assumptions about a country and don’t bother to research it.

People who make the most successful transition abroad are those who are fully prepared and have done their research. You need to work out if a country will be a good fit for all members of your family. It’s hard to gauge what it will be like based on other people’s perspective, which is what you’ll find when you search; someone else’s view of a place may differ wildly from yours.

Researching the rules and regulations, visas, work permits, culture and customs, geographical information, climate etc is one thing, you need to stick to the facts and note what is relevant to you. When it comes to finding out if that destination will suit you and your family, you need to be more circumspect and open minded.

How to Overcome Overwhelm

Recognising and overcoming overwhelm with my top tips

Published 24th August 2020

Overwhelm – that paralysing feeling you get when you look at the huge amount of stuff you need to do before you move and have the pressure to get it all finished in time. Being overwhelmed and exhausted leads to poor decision-making. You have too many decisions to make, and a finite time in which to make them, and that can cause ‘decision fatigue’.

Everything becomes too much and we just stop functioning. I have a lot of experience with this! And now I have a lot of tips and resources to help you avoid overwhelm overwhelming you.

Overwhelm is an emotion caused by feeling out of control and unable to manage your circumstances. I can help you gain control and manage all of this. In this episode, I share my insight, tools and tips to help you overcome overwhelm so that your preparation is a stress free as possible.

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