Jet lag: how to avoid it and how to survive it

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How jet lag affects you

What is jet lag? How long does it last and how can you deal with it? Here are articles dealing with all those questions.

Why avoid jet lag?

This excerpt gives you a snapshot into how it feels to be coping with kids when you are all jetlagged.

Night 2 The night from hell: all of us were awake between 1 and 5am. I had two hours of questioning from my four-year-old about life and the universe. “How were planets made?” “What are the rings around Jupiter made of?” “Why did humans come after dinosaurs?” “How is oxygen made?” “How do babies’ bones grow in Mummies’ tummies?” I made the fatal mistake of saying that the last one was a question for Daddy (brain was incapable of processing) and so we decided to ‘What’s App’ him. A few hours later we were informed about the great night out he was having in London with his friends. Yeah, great.

from Travel in Singapore: Dealing with jet lag and children.  [NB Link no longer available]

And this anecdote displays a very good reason for you to plan your long haul trip and factor in potential jet lag.

It was 7 a.m. in Belgium, when our clients met us at the airport in Brussels. We had just arrived after a sleepless seven-hour flight from Chicago, and there was a whole day of meetings to look forward to. The meetings were followed by a long, sumptuous dinner. By the time I arrived at my hotel, I was fading badly. I had been awake for 26 hours. I was so jet lagged that I could hardly remember my name.

To add to my already confused state, the lights in my hotel room could only be switched on if my room keycard was in the power interlock slot. I didn’t bother. I sat on the bed, removed my clothes and fell asleep in the process.

Something startled me in the middle of the night. I woke to a completely dark room. I had absolutely no idea what time it was, where I was, or what I was doing there. None of the lights worked, and the only light I could see was a seam showing around the door frame. I thought that I had come to in the “Twilight Zone”.

I bolted off the bed in a panic! Where did that door lead?

I charged for the light and threw the door open the door, hoping to see something familiar. As I peered out on a dimly lit hall, it all started to come back to me. I was in Brussels on a business trip, I was standing in the hall of my hotel … and I was naked. I was also lucky that no one else was around. Ah well, one more embarrassing travel story!

via Travel Tips | Jet lag stories | Travel Health. Link no longer available

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