Time differences

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Lots of clocks. Time differences of telling time in other countries and languages

How time is told in different parts of the world No, this article isn’t to do with time zones. This subject came up during our Facebook discussion on the misunderstandings between different forms of the English language. What time is it? I am British. If I said to you that … Read More

Separated by a common language

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British English and American English translations

A humorous look at language differences “My pants are too big!” At the weekend, my daughter had her American friend over to stay. While running up the stairs, the friend called out, “My pants are too big!” I responded that was far too much information. Once they’d finished laughing at … Read More

Raising multilingual children

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Multilingual boys laughing together

Multilingual children When we moved from London to Geneva four years ago, Eldest Son was 3 years-old. Although I’d been speaking to him in Italian since he was a baby, English was his ‘mother-tongue’ (or rather ‘father-tongue’!) and he used Italian only sporadically. I wasn’t worried about it, but I … Read More

25 words that simply don’t exist in English

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Scrabble tiles scattered on a table. Words that don't exist in the English language

Wonderfully descriptive words from other languages This has been doing the rounds for a while and I thought it a great fit for this site as it demonstrates the joy that comes with insight into other cultures and languages. Approximately 375 million people speak English as their first language, in … Read More

Raising global nomads

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Hypothetical flag quartering the British and American flags. Global nomads and third culture kids.

I was panting away on an exercise bike the other day reading an article in Glamour with Victoria Beckham . No, I don’t mean Vicky was pedaling away beside me, she was actually in Glamour talking about her kids. She was like “Me and Becks are so proud of being … Read More

Ten of the easiest languages to learn…

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Language definition in a dictionary

…for native English speakers Which are the easiest languages to learn? I was fascinated to read this article about the easiest languages to learn for a native English speaker. Of course, the word ‘easiest’ is pretty relative as many people find all languages difficult to master – I’m one of … Read More

Top ten best languages to study

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Top ten best foreign languages to learn for business.

Top ten best languages to study for business Thinking ahead to the future of your expat child, these are apparently the most important and useful languages to study for business. These rankings are based on a survey carried out for the CBI (Confederation of British Industry) Education & Skills Survey … Read More