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Personal stories

Choosing the expat life

French cheese

Should we stay or should we go? Facing the challenges of expat life – Living in Bordeaux, France by American Mom in Bordeaux We moved here in October 2011 with a one year plan that quickly turned into a 2 ... Read More »

Moving Abroad: Why we do what we do

Old map and a brass telescope Why we travel

Why we moved abroad We were quite happy in Seattle. We lived in a beautiful city, surrounded by great friends and loving family. Our decision to move abroad had very little to do with wanting to escape our current life. ... Read More »

A TCK story

Cecilia in Chennai

Back in November 2012 I was happy to publish Cecilia Haynes’ TCK story in a three-part serialisation. Cecilia has lived in many, many countries and continues to travel the world. She also has a great insight into how growing up ... Read More »

Traveling circuses

People on a fairground ride. Chairs spinning round

The trials of yet another house move Pack. Unpack. Repeat. As I prepare for yet another move, living among boxes and bubble wrap, it occurred to me that I’ve become very adept at packing. And unpacking. Not only are there ... Read More »

Preparing kids for an overseas move – one perspective

Three girls at an outdoor cafe in Bordeaux

Moving with children from USA to France We moved from Saratoga Springs, NY to Bordeaux, France in October 2011. We are a Franco-American family, I’m American and my husband is French (although, spent the last 25 years in the States ... Read More »