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Personal stories

The pregnant expat

A pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan picture

Pregnancy and childbirth in the US You’ve been trying for four months already? I think you should see a fertility doctor! We heard these words from my OB/GYN in Portland, Oregon after we had been trying to get pregnant with ... Read More »

Why I am scared to go back to America

Returning to America Plane landing in sunset

Living the overseas dream I admit it. I really wasn’t all that afraid to pack my entire life, my family’s lives, and all our memories, into 28 suitcases. There was a great excitement that accompanied our 30 hour flight to ... Read More »

Expat child – a gift or a curse?

who am I Emotional impact on moving overseas TCK Expat child Woman in a mask

The emotional impact of a move abroad At the age of seven I moved to Nigeria with my parents. Looking back, this move and the many moves that followed have had a huge impact on me as a person. I ... Read More »

Choosing the expat life

French cheese

Should we stay or should we go? Facing the challenges of expat life – Living in Bordeaux, France by American Mom in Bordeaux We moved here in October 2011 with a one year plan that quickly turned into a 2 ... Read More »

Moving Abroad: Why we do what we do

Old map and a brass telescope Why we travel

Why we moved abroad We were quite happy in Seattle. We lived in a beautiful city, surrounded by great friends and loving family. Our decision to move abroad had very little to do with wanting to escape our current life. ... Read More »