Moving abroad with teenagers

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Moving abroad with reluctant teenager. Teen girl rolling eyes at mum and dad

Negotiating the minefield of teen angst To do this tricky subject even the tiniest bit of  justice we first must consider the question we all ask ourselves at some point, ‘what is a teenager?’ The dictionary says any person between the age of 13 and 19 – but as parents, … Read More

Expat teen – parent relationships

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Parent and teen girl smiling expat relationships

Maintaining a strong parent-teen relationship abroad Why did you choose to move abroad? There might be many reasons, but ultimately you were most likely, in one form or another, looking for experiences that would benefit your family. Living in a foreign country can be stressful at times. Having to keep … Read More

How to help your expat teen cope with moving

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How to help your teenager relocate overseas Being a teenager can be wonderful and testing at the same time. Being an expat teenager can bring additional blessings and challenges. Expat teens go through the natural developmental challenges of adolescence while subject to a transient life and adjusting to a move … Read More

Perception on teens in crisis

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Sad girl crying on phone Expat teen crisis self harm

Self-harm is a coping strategy, not the problem itself Another comment on the TCK Problems article was very insightful and could be of use to others experiencing mental health problems concerning their child – expat or not. Rianne Cornelisse wrote the following: As a social scientist specialised in child education … Read More