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Private tuition online

Managing Director and Founder of Kings Tutors’ Emily Jack talks about how it is possible to have access to a brilliant tutor specialising in British education wherever you live in the world through Online Tuition. She also explains how private tuition can help international students joining schools and the university system in the United Kingdom.

Online tuition wherever you are

It is now possible to have access to the very best tutors wherever you and your family are in the world. This is thanks to Online Tuition – students now only need to log in to Skype to enjoy a one-to-one lesson with the tutor of their choice.

Over the last six months, Kings Tutors has seen as enormous increase in the demand for online tuition. It is for this reason that we are launching a new booking system in February 2015. This booking system, which has been built to suit the needs of our clients, can be found on our website.

We fully appreciate that families living across the globe are keen to have access to British education even if they do not live in the United Kingdom.

Time zone consideration!

With flexibility being key for our clients, online tuition can be arranged at a time to suit them. Kings Tutors will be the first London based tutoring agency to take different time zones into consideration. Our booking system puts an end to time differences lengthening the process of arranging tuition from another continent. Parents will be able to contact the Kings Tutors’ tutoring team directly to arrange online tuition without having to go through the agency and this will speed up the booking process. There is also reassurance that our online tutoring team have gone through the same tutoring selection programme as the other tutors and received extensive training to tutor children in person, as well as online.

The client need not live on a separate continent to London – we have lots of clients spread across the United Kingdom, from rural Yorkshire to the furthest corners of Devon, who view online tuition as the perfect solution to private tuition. Online tuition allows tutees access to specialist tutors that they may not be able to find locally.

Online tuition is an enjoyable experience, as one Mother said:

“The children enjoy their online tutorials, and in fact the novelty of the technology adds as element of excitement to the experience. I very much recommend online tuition with Kings Tutors.”

Why is a tutor needed?

There are many reasons why people opt to have private tuition. The most common scenario is that, with a little additional support, a child’s self-esteem can be boosted enormously which in turn allows them to have the confidence to succeed academically. Motivation and a newly found interest for a subject occurs when a pupil realises that they can, in fact, cope with their exams due to being able to tackle topics that he or she was once unsure about.

Our tutors focus on the individual needs of a pupil, going through the syllabus at the correct pace for your child. This is something that does not always happen in a classroom.

Furthermore, exam technique is crucial when it comes to exam success. This is something that our tutors are all able to help with. The tutee’s ability to do well in exams is vastly improved by learning how to revise, take notes, answer questions the correct way and plan essays. These minor changes in tackling an exam paper can determine the outcome of the result.

We, at Kings Tutors, make sure all tuition sessions focus on the individual needs of the tutee in question.

Illustration of school kids around a guard on horseback in LondonMoving to the United Kingdom

The British Education system and how it works is often a daunting prospect for families moving to the United Kingdom. Bespoke entry examinations, admission deadlines and a new academic curriculum can easily produce thoughts of uncertainty. This is before the competitive nature of getting your child into a British school is taken into consideration – there is an ever-growing amount of pressure on entry into top schools due to more pupils competing for a limited number of places.

It is important though for parents to remember that they do not need to go through this process on their own. Lots of support and advice can be given by schools and trustworthy top tutoring agencies. These private tutoring agencies can guide you through the exam procedure, offering support every step of the way. School consultancy, mentoring and tailored tuition are services that will be key to making your child’s transition into the British Education system run smoothly. Kings Tutors are experienced in helping expatriate families moving to the United Kingdom and being on hand to support.

What to think about when picking a tutor?

Doing well in exams is about understanding your subjects and knowing what is required to pass the exams being sat. This includes exam technique and confidence. A tutee’s academic potential can be unlocked with one-to-one tuition as their self-belief is boosted. It is important that the pupil has a good rapport with his or her tutor so that they are motivated, inspired to learn and look forward to their tuition sessions.

At Kings Tutors, we understand that no pupil is the same; it is our mission to tailor our services to ensure that the needs of every tutee are met. We consider personalities, teaching styles and subject-knowledge when matching out tutors up to our tutees. Our aim is to give our clients access to the most dedicated tutors; these tutors will all strive to make sure that your child reaches his of her full academic potential. Tuition can be provided for all subjects on the National Curriculum at every level.

Our service is bespoke and completely flexible: Structured programmes can be arranged to take place over a long period of time or, alternatively, more intense tuition can be arranged should this be needed instead.

One client wrote after arranging tuition for her son:

“Kings Tutors is so wonderfully uncomplicated and transparent, thank you so much and thank heavens we got in touch.”

Assessments and schools consultancy

An assessment of your child, either face to face or online, is the best way to determine your child’s knowledge of the relevant syllabus for their age, and their level of English too if required. A tuition programme can then be put in place to help your child reach the academic level of their British peers. An online assessment allows tuition to start before your child arrives in the United Kingdom.

The help of a Schools Consultant is occasionally needed to help make the decision about which school and university would be best. We, Kings Tutors, work with top specialists who are able to advise on different schools to suit your child’s personality, academic ability and priorities. We then are able to help with the preparation of the required entrance examinations.

Arranging one-to-one tuition

Private tuition sessions are a fantastic way to boost your child’s knowledge for their subject and hopefully their enthusiasm too. Added benefits of private tuition are that your child will also have exposure to learning about life at a British school and learn about British Culture too. Unless online tuition has been arranged, our tutors visit the clients’ home to carry out tuition sessions at a time that is convenient for you and your child.

At the end of every month, a feedback report is provided so that the parents know what has been covered in every session. We believe that our three-way communication between the tutee, tutor and parents results in the best outcome. It is essential that everyone is working towards the same academic goal.

Many parents chose to have a live-in tutor over the school holidays too. This is a more intensive option but can improve your child’s knowledge immensely. On these placements, our tutors also act as mentors and are able to impart wisdom on the British Education system.

We would love too discuss your tuition requirements with you! Please do get in touch via e-mail: or give us a call on +(00) 44 203 503 0191.

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  1. I have booked tutors with this agency (Kings Tutors) before and the service has been fantastic. Would certainly recommend contacting them.

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