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Global health insurance considerations for expat families

Packing up and moving abroad is no small decision. The stress of moving to a new country and leaving your current life back home is most definitely something that requires a lot of thought and planning, especially if you have children going abroad with you and your partner. Although the idea can be intimidating, the rewards that come with living an expatriate life are extraordinary. The process of relocating yourself and your family may result in a difficult transition journey. Don’t let the fear of the process prevent you from going on your next big adventure. There are many precautions you and your family can take in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.

One key factor in the relocation process that is very important for expatriates and their families to be aware of is if you are relocating for over a year, you are likely to lose your domestic health plan coverage back home. This means that you will no longer be covered if you decide to go back home for unforeseen treatments.

This emphasizes the importance of obtaining a global health insurance plan before taking off to your new destination.

Protection for unforeseen circumstances

When it comes to finding a proper international health insurance plan that covers your entire family’s needs there are plenty of different aspects to keep in mind. First and foremost, you will need to obtain a plan that has the best possible protection for any unforeseen circumstances. This is inclusive of yourself, your spouse and your children. This is an all-encompassing coverage for sudden, unexpected illnesses/injuries in the form of full coverage plans or top-up plans. Such coverage should also pick up the expenses associated with chronic medical conditions that may develop after being approved. It is crucial to adequately prepare for your departure by obtaining a global health care plan, as it will assist your family for the best possible outcome on your new life abroad.

Coverage for emotional health

While looking into different global health plans, it is important to remember not only your physical health, but your emotional health as well. A comprehensive global health plan is generally your best option. The benefits of comprehensive plans are that you are able to begin with a basic coverage plan that covers in-patient care, which are the expenses incurred in a hospital. Most insurers will then individualize customizations that are best suited for you and your family. These options can include out-patient-care, wellness, medical evacuation and dental and vision.

  • Out-patient care coverage will cover expenses that may occur outside of a hospital, such as prevention, prescriptions drugs, diagnosis and rehabilitation.
  • Wellness coverage is inclusive of basic medical checkups to a doctor’s office, as well as counselling.
  • Medical evacuation coverage is very important if you are moving to a country that does not have standardized or modernized medical care, as this will allow you to be transferred to the nearest hospital that has proper care.
  • Dental and vision coverage will cover basic check-ups and services from a dentist and/or optometrist.

Pre-existing conditions

Other considerations for global healthcare for expat families will be finding a plan that will cover a pre-existing condition. While most group employer plans will cover pre-existing conditions, all individual health plans require individual underwriting and the condition will either be covered, covered with a premium loading or you or your family member may be declined. If that happens, Expat Financial can work with most expats to find another insurance carrier to see if they can cover. Most expats can still live with an exclusion as they still need to move abroad and they may not be concerned if a specific condition is not covered, but all future ones are.


One of the most common requirements for expat couples is obtaining pregnancy coverage. All expat health providers will have a 10- or 12-month exclusion on pregnancy related expenses and childbirth. Therefore, it is important to choose a plan with pregnancy coverage if you plan to have children in the future and obtain it well before you or your partner become pregnant. The only plans that may cover an existing pregnancy are expat group insurance plans.

US healthcare

Another consideration for expat families is if they want, or need, to add access to US healthcare and treatment. Most global medical insurance plans will either include or exclude treatment in the USA. Many American expats will choose to add this option as they may visit home often or simply want the option available. If you are an expatriate living in the USA, you will definitely require the USA coverage option. Finally, if you are an expat living in a region close to the USA, such as the Caribbean, you may also want to add the United States coverage option as you local treatment options in your home country may be limited.

Obtaining global health coverage may seem overwhelming for someone who is not experienced in the insurance field, so it is recommended to seek advice from an experience expat insurance broker. Expat Financial, a division of TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., is a specialist global insurance source which connects expats with global health policies and also expat life and disability coverage. They focus on meeting the growing needs of those wanting to make an international move and require protection for themselves and their families.

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Written by Laura Gannon & David Tompkins of
TFG Global Insurance Solutions Ltd., which owns and operates Expat Financial.
To learn more, contact them at info@tfgglobal.com or via Expat Financial


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