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Moving abroad with kids

You’re relocating overseas with your children? How exciting! But perhaps a little stressful too?

Don’t panic! ExpatChild is here to help you every step of the way with practical and useful tips.

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Planning and preparation

Moving overseas with children

Emigrating with children is never a small decision.

Either you’ve been thinking about taking the plunge for ages and have finally set the ball rolling. Or your partner has come home from work and announced that their job is moving and therefore, so are you…

If you’re panicking slightly (or a lot!) that’s totally understandable and completely normal. ExpatChild is here to help.

Now you need to start making plans for your future in another country.

Travel with kids is an amazing experience, but does take more planning than it would if it was just you and your partner. Kids thrive on change and love a good adventure, but travelling with kids is almost guaranteed to give you a few additional grey hairs.

Don’t panic! Grab a cuppa, relax and have a read through some of our invaluable and practical advice about preparing to move abroad with children.

We will help you with the worries and concerns we know you’re feeling right about now.

Moving overseas journal with checklist

A good first step is to order the amazing Relocation Journal to help you keep on track of everything you need to do.

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Key articles to read before you move

Before you move abroad

What do you need to do before you relocate overseas? The more prepared you are, the better your experience will be. Start preparing yourself and your children for the overseas move well in advance. Select from the topics below to discover more.


Don’t forget anything by using this free checklist


Removal companies

How to find a removal company for your international move


Financial advice

Foreign currency exchange and financial advice for expats.


Legal advice

Law and legal information about living abroad as a family


Expat children

How to prepare your kids for the move abroad



How to find a school overseas for your child


Packing tips

Packing hints and tips for your overseas house move



Taking your pets overseas takes a lot of planning. Start early!



Tips on learning a new language for you and your children



How to survive a plane journey with children


All articles

See all the planning and preparation articles


Expat Directory

Find useful resources on the Expat Directory


Discover other useful topics

Expat life

What is expat life really like?

Expat well-being

Focus on the unique aspects of life overseas

Expat Chat

Chat to other expats

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