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Boarding school and your expat child

The biggest single concern for families taking up an overseas posting is the provision of suitable education for their children.

The worry over job stability and continued funding for a child’s education can be daunting for any parent. People who live and work abroad, however, have additional concerns that can make an already stressful time for the family even more overwhelming.

We see all too often that:

  • Parents become aware that the standard of education at post is not good enough to secure a place at a top British university
  • When they relocate back to the UK and need to find a school for their children, they lack the necessary capability to navigate the entrance system
  • Parents become aware (often at a late stage) that their child has not been educated to the standard required to pass the entrance exams for a UK school or university

Many companies (and indeed, individuals considering overseas postings) often focus largely upon the extrinsic factors of the posting – accommodation, flight allowances, transport, moving expenses, tax-harmonisation treatment etc.

Our experience suggests that education is (alarmingly) something that is often placed some way down the list of priorities.  As a result, employees often receive an unpleasant surprise when the above factors or a combination of such become apparent.

The other major concern is what happens if you lose your job abroad. This often also means losing the right to remain in that country. Some countries give foreigners as little as 14 days to exit the country after their work permit has been cancelled. That means fourteen days to terminate your lease, sell your car, pack up your belongings, find a place to live ‘back home’, and find a school for your child. Most people would struggle to get all that done in fourteen weeks, let alone fourteen days.

Selecting that perfect boarding school for your child

choosing a boarding school cartoonWe would strongly encourage you to attend the Country Life Future Schools Fair in London in July. We will ensure that every family who attends is introduced to the schools most suitable for their children. The other advantage is that, if you do have to move schools quickly, you will have met school staff who you can phone up and talk to.

We know how important the education of expat children is – we deal with this every day. We also deal with the consequences of getting it wrong.

We look forward to you joining us on the 16th July 2016 in London.

Choose a boarding school for expat child. Future Schools Fair London logo

This event is aimed at helping families currently posted or about to be posted overseas to talk to UK based schools.

Over 50 top Boarding and International schools will be in one place, on one day, waiting to meet you.

You can find out which schools will be attending the Fair – they include Winchester, Rugby, Oundle, Malvern, Marlborough, Mill Hill International, Taunton School, CATS, TASIS, ACS and ISL.

There are free seminars addressed by some of the best UK schools to help answer all the confusing issues, including:

  • UK Boarding school or local International?
  • IB, A Levels or Pre-U?
  • Move your child at 11, 13 or 16 years old?
  • Tests and exam requirements all explained

These events are FREE to all visitors, but you must register here:

Sponsored article from Country Life Future Schools Fair

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