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Storage solution for expat boarders

Imagine not having to lug all your child’s belongings home, and also not having to do any cleaning or name-taping of uniform.

Cartoon of a dorm at boarding schoolThe Christmas holidays are short and very busy – so why not hand over the worry of sorting out the boarding school uniform to someone else? Imagine not having to lug all your child’s belongings home, and also not having to do any cleaning or name-taping of uniform. There is now a company that can sort it out for you!

Sending your child to boarding school in the UK is stressful enough but when the holidays are short, particularly at Christmas, finding the time to sort out uniform and personal belongings and getting them back to school at the end of the holiday is the last thing anybody wants to be doing in amongst the Christmas present wrapping.

How much can you fit in a suitcase?

While some boarding schools do still look after children’s belongings in the holidays, many schools are now insisting that rooms must be cleared every holiday as the school is needing to rent out their facilities in the holidays or do deep cleans and renovation work.

For expat families this isn’t so easy. Taking everything home at the end of term is quite difficult to do with only a 23kg airline luggage allowance and ridiculous excess baggage charges. A duvet simply doesn’t need to travel 6,000 miles to stay in the bag the whole time!

School Trunk has come to the rescue. Set up three years ago by two mothers, Dorothy McLaren and Chelsea Hayes, they will take care of it all. Dorothy as former expat mum for many years, realized that her daughter’s belongings couldn’t come home with her every holiday and the school wasn’t particularly interested in looking after them, so set out to set up a service that would help her and many other families.

Cartoon Boarding school trying to fit everything into a car

How it works

The basic School Trunk offer is the Silver Storage service, where a student’s belongings are collected at the end of term, safely and securely stored over the holidays and then re-delivered back to the new school room before the start of the next term.

An add-on Gold Care service is also available, which ensures that the student arrives back at school to find their belongings in pristine condition, just as if you’d had it home; cleaned, mended, labelled and neatly re-packed. You also get a report of what has been received against what is required by the school, enabling you to order anything missing, ensuring that they start school with everything they need. School Trunk also cleans duvets, school shoes, trainers and even wellies, as well as replacing buttons and mending holes – a truly complete service.

School Trunk collects from any UK boarding school and will liaise with the school directly to organize suitable collection and re-delivery times.

So don’t worry about opening the suitcase and being greeted by muddy sportswear, mouldy towels or dirty uniform anymore and just focus on wrapping up Christmas presents!

Find out more here:

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