8 instant fixes to make your new house a home

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How to make your house a home

Stepping into a new home feels strange. If it’s in a foreign country, thousands of miles from familiar turf, the sensation is even more alien. The transformation from house to home can take months, or even years, to complete, but you can take simple first steps from day one.

1. Pack with care

Setting up a new home starts when you pack up the one you’re leaving. When moving abroad, always use a reputable International Removals firm like PSS Removals to ensure that the contents of your home, including treasured family heirlooms and breakables, arrive at their destination on time and in tip-top condition.

2. Get your clothes sorted

There’s nothing more frustrating than rifling through boxes to find your favourite jeans. Rather than waiting to find the perfect furniture, buy a cheap hanging rail and chest of drawers and get your clothes neatly stored away.

3. Dress the beds

They say wherever you lay your hat is your home. But most would agree that your favourite crisp bed linen and a soft pillow has the edge over headgear when it comes to producing that comforting, homely vibe. Make your bed inviting and dive in!

4. Brew a cuppa

Hang your cups on the mug tree, flick the kettle switch and fill your home with the smell of freshly brewed coffee! Your first coffee break after moving in is a pivotal moment – relax and pat yourself on the back for finally being in your new home.

5. Tackle the kids’ rooms

If you have children, their rooms take priority. The toll of moving and homesickness can be hard on the kids, so it’s important to surround them with their favourite things quickly. Happy kids means less-stressed parents!

6. Create the right ambiance

Get the lighting right, add your music system and play your favourite tunes, introduce house plants and appealing touches like scented candles and fresh flowers – a few atmospheric tweaks will make you feel more settled.

7. Add familiar touches

Your location may have changed, but if there were things that ‘worked’ in your old home, such as coat hooks by the front door, then recreate them. Do what you can to preserve your family routines in your new life abroad.

8. Freshen up the walls

Don’t deliberate colour schemes or ponder wallpaper, just freshen up the walls with a slick of white or neutral paint. Before you hang pictures permanently, lean them against walls to decide where they fit best.

Take it slowly – and enjoy the process

Making your house a home is a lot of fun – once you have the first stage covered, enjoy the process and take your time. If you’re planning to take root for a while, there’s no rush, so let your home evolve and reflect your new experiences.

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