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Reverse culture shock

Expat culture shock

John Tenniel's illustration of Alice meeting the Dodo in Wonderland Culture shock

Culture shock and reverse culture shock If you’ve never experienced culture shock, try imagining that you are Alice in Lewis Carroll’s books, ”Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and ”Through the Looking-Glass”. They provide perfect descriptions of the many emotions that swirl ... Read More »

How an expat child experiences life in their home country

Expat child layers of life influence Spinning Tornado

In response to the articles about of self-harm in TCKs and expat teens, Rianne wrote the succinct and perceptive comment on the subject that I published here. In her comment she referenced a paper she wrote on the subject of ... Read More »

Can you survive reverse culture shock?

Expat reverse culture shock repatriation Woman standing under an umbrella in the rain

How repatriation affects you Everybody knows about experiencing culture shock when you visit a country with different customs, cuisine or language. But sometimes the worst culture shock of all comes when you return home. Reverse culture shock is the name ... Read More »

6 things no-one tells you about reverse culture shock

Reverse culture shock - going home and how to deal with the emotions. Toy house being handed to someone else.

Changes that cause reverse culture shock When you’re an expat or traveling, you’re focusing on processing new information, building new references. You’re dealing with culture shock and all that entails. See why experiencing culture shock rocks for more information. When ... Read More »

Repatriation and the reality of going home

Boarding an aeroplane, repatriation, returning home and reverse culture shock

Repatriation can be more difficult than expatriation Having successfully moved a family abroad, the idea of the return journey can seem like a relatively straightforward one. It is common for those returning home to think it will be easier to ... Read More »