Why choose a local school overseas?

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Selecting local schooling for your expat child When you relocate to a different country, there is a lot to consider, the obvious culture shock being the main concern. When you move abroad with children, there is a lot  more to organise. Luckily, children are usually very adaptable and there are … Read More

An education abroad

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Education in Germany My children have never attended school in the States. They have attended German school since they were three and two years old. My son is now a little more than half-way through his first year in the Grundschule (elementary school), and my daughter has one more year … Read More

What kind of school is best for an expat child?

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Choosing a school for your expat child. Expat education. Group of school children.

School options for expat kids Suzi Dixon of the Telegraph breaks down the different educational options available for children brought up outside the UK. A school with a British curriculum According to the Council of International Schools (CIS), an estimated 2,000 schools claim to offer a British curriculum abroad. They … Read More

Local school for language excellence

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Kate moved from the UK to Switzerland in July 2007. The boys were eight and six and had just finished years 3 and 1 respectively in the UK. They went into an international school for the first year, until July 2008. Then they transferred into local school at ages nine and seven. They are now in their 6th year here, and their 5th year of local schooling.