Why choose a local school overseas?

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Selecting local schooling for your expat child When you relocate to a different country, there is a lot to consider, the obvious culture shock being the main concern. When you move abroad with children, there is a lot  more to organise. Luckily, children are usually very adaptable and there are … Read More

Home education resources for GCSEs

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Home educating at KS4 KS4 is the new way to describe the GCSE years of education in England. GCSEs can certainly be undertaken by home educated children, and can actually offer a more flexible and appropriate way for them to tackle these important exams. It’s worth checking your child actually … Read More

Expat children at boarding school

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Boarding school and your expat child The worry over job stability and continued funding for a child’s education can be daunting for any parent. People who live and work abroad, however, have additional concerns that can make an already stressful time for the family even more overwhelming. We see all … Read More

Moving abroad with kids: What about school?

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Helping your expat child’s education If you’re planning a move overseas with a family, one of your first concerns will undoubtedly be what to do about school and their education. Some parents choose to home educate their children when they move away, either for personal reasons or because of the … Read More