Why choose a local school overseas?

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4 girls lying on the floor studying

Selecting local schooling for your expat child When you relocate to a different country, there is a lot to consider, the obvious culture shock being the main concern. When you move abroad with children, there is a lot  more to organise. Luckily, children are usually very adaptable and there are … Read More

Raising a bilingual child

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Language children. Boy in headphones in front of a chalkboard with hello in many languages written on it.

Raising a bilingual child doesn’t have to be a big deal We’ve all heard the stories – ‘that mum at playgroup whose child can’t talk properly because she insists on teaching him two languages; it’s confusing for the poor little soul’. Well we call bunkum on this. It’s a myth … Read More

How to teach a child another language

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Language learning for kids Man hand writing Learn another language

Kids love learning languages It’s a well-documented fact that young children are like little sponges; soaking up new information, learning at the fastest rate they’ll ever achieve and…loving it! So it’s no surprise really that teaching a new language at this age, whether it’s French, Spanish, Arabic or even Latin, … Read More

50 facts about languages

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50 fun facts about languages in an infographic

Did you know this about languages…? Languages are a staple of everyday life, a necessity for getting by in the world and communicating with each other, but languages are also dying out a speedy rate.   50 Facts About Languages [Infographic] by the team at NeoMam

Home education resources for GCSEs

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Home educating at KS4 KS4 is the new way to describe the GCSE years of education in England. GCSEs can certainly be undertaken by home educated children, and can actually offer a more flexible and appropriate way for them to tackle these important exams. It’s worth checking your child actually … Read More