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Security in South Africa

Sign post with hi-jacking hot spot written on it

Crime in South Africa I was all too aware of the many crime issues in South Africa prior to us moving here – we couldn’t escape the doom-laden tales from the media, friends and colleagues. Interestingly, the most negative stories ... Read More »

Making a house a home


Hello from South Africa! Yes, I’m finally online properly again! How are you all? I’ve been here for three months and I’m finally beginning to get everything sorted. I have my own room to use as an office and it’s ... Read More »

Today is the start of my new adventure

Hamster on a wheel inside a computer Moving overseas

Moving day is here! Today is my last day in Berlin – I’m flying back to the UK this evening. Moving abroad in stages We’re relocating in stages. I have some meetings and other appointments in the UK; visiting potential ... Read More »

Springtime in England

Teignmouth from Shaldon Ness

m4s0n501 Well, we made it! So far, anyway… Our trip to the UK was a success. In no way can I call it a holiday as there was just too much to do, but we managed a few lovely days ... Read More »

Paralysed by overwhelm

Picture of an overflowing in tray. Coping with overwhelm

Overwhelmed in many ways It’s been just over a week since we heard about our sudden and unexpected relocation to South Africa and, I admit, my mind has been all over the place since we got the news. Don’t get ... Read More »