How to pack for a move abroad

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Packing for a move overseas

All the packing tips in one place! I’ve gathered many of the articles about packing to move house here to make it easy for you to find what you need to know.

How do I choose a removal company?

Selecting the right removal company for your relocation overseas is vital. Not only for the actual packing and moving of all your belongings, but for peace of mind that all the paperwork is in order. A good moving company should advise you on other aspects of your relocation. There are thousands of removal companies to choose from and all promise to be the best – which isn’t true, some will be better than others but how do you know who to trust? Start here! Simply enter your information and details about your move, and you will receive FREE moving quotes to help you start your search.

How to choose a removal company for your international relocation

Detailed information about what to look for in an international removal company. Read more…

Moving overseas: packing

A very useful article about planning what to pack in different shipments. For example, what you need to carry on the plane and what items can go by sea. Read more…

My 'Super Scary To-List' Buster

Now is the right time to get out your 'Super Scary To-Do List' Buster and get busting! It's ideal for times right now when there's so much at stake.

Preparing for the removals estimate

Getting ready for the removal company’s surveyor who will estimate how much space all your belongings will take up and how much this will cost you. Get de-cluttering! Read more…

Moving house – the in-home survey

What to expect when the removal company’s surveyor visits. Read more…

Ten tips for packing it yourself

Very useful tips for anyone packing up their own household ready for a move. Read more…

Packing lists to ensure a smooth arrival

Use these lists before you leave, so you can choose which items to pack in your luggage. The tips and tricks in this eBook will ensure you’re ready to hit the ground running in your new home country, and help you and your family’s smooth transition to expat life.

Don’t forget your…?

You’ll be surprised at the kinds of things people regret not taking with them on their first expat experience. Read more…

Ten things every new expat needs

Perfect gifts for every new expat. And great ideas for gifts if you are going to visit any expat! Read more…

Moving overseas? Packing day!

How to make packing day run smoothly when you use a professional packing team. Tips and tricks galore. Read more…

Moving overseas – what NOT to pack

Certain items are prohibited from importing into other countries. While this list is by no means exhaustive, it displays certain general household goods you may be surprised to learn aren’t allowed in the cargo. Read more…

Why did I pack THAT?

And finally, when it comes to unpacking it all in your new home, you may be amazed at what can accidentally get swept up and packed as they swarm over your house! Read more…

Plan And Pack For Your Overseas Move: A complete guide to organising your packing ready to move abroad

Find everything all in one place with my book, “Plan And Pack For Your Overseas Move: A complete guide to organising your packing ready to move abroad.”

All the information (and more) packaged up in a book. Available in Kindle, PDF download (don’t print it – many pages!), Paperback


Find more useful articles here: Packing for your move overseas. And look for more international removal company information here.


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  1. As you are moving in short or long distance, planning is very important in both cases. Always try to make a moving checklist so that you have proper idea about your moving stuff. Also, pack less as much as possible means pack only the things which are really important to you.

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