How to prepare your child to move abroad

Boy looking through a magnifying glass

Hand some control to your child Continuing from the previous article about how your child has no choice about relocating abroad: Although when moving overseas with kids the initial decision to move is yours, you can and should involve them ... Read More »

How to declutter

Declutter and downsize Tiny house

The emotional side of downsizing Our stuff has an interesting grip on us. My ‘blankie’ from childhood is probably my most prized possession and if you told me that I’d have to move into a space that couldn’t accommodate that ... Read More »

How to pack for a move abroad

Man taping up a packing box Moving overseas

Packing for a move overseas I’ve gathered all the articles about packing to move house into one place to make it easy for you to find what you need to know. All the packing tips in one place! Just click ... Read More »

How to ship your goods internationally

Friendly docker with shipping containers

Sponsored post by Movehub International container shipping Whether you’re moving for work, starting a new life abroad or retiring to warmer shores you’ll probably want to take some of your possessions with you. There are two options when it comes ... Read More »

Don’t forget Teddy!

Travelling with children? Don't forget teddy! Teddy looking out of a window.

Travelling with kids: some tips Never underestimate the bond between a child and their favourite stuffed toy! While my daughter didn’t have a particular favourite until she was about five years old, whichever one was in her hands at a ... Read More »