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Intriguing results revealed in part one of world’s largest expat survey

Published November 2013

As the second survey ‘Retail & Finance’ gets underway at and the third and final part ‘Travel & Health’ is set to launch in November, incredible results are emerging from the first survey ‘Migration & Lifestyle’ providing very detailed insight from those living outside their country of origin in almost 100 countries. The initial part examined from where to where, why and when and now resident in their chosen community what they like or dislike about their adopted home, what media channels they follow and use to stay in touch with friends, family and the outside world; and how easy or hard did they find it to integrate.

Bitter disappointment with employers

Contending with an unfamiliar country and culture, often a new language and suddenly no friends and family for support, numerous wives have shared their sense of bitter disappointment with their husbands’ employers for failing to appreciate the impact on the family unit; and a sense of being left to tackle the challenging dynamics of establishing a home and integrating alone; whilst the focus of the companies was on getting their spouses settled into their new workplace as quickly as possible. In some cases relocation specialists were involved in catering for the career moves, but stand accused of not truly understanding and meeting their needs.

“For some women, particularly those with children, the sheer stress of the corporate relocation bordered not only on being a career breaker, but almost a marriage breaker as well. These respondents are urging companies to take greater responsibility for getting the experience right not just for their employees, but their families too; and recommend that those contemplating a move use social media to contact other company employees, their spouses and other expats in their chosen destination to get the full lowdown on what their move might really entail” says Emma Wood, project director for

“From the outset The Expat Survey team has been committed to not only conducting the most far-reaching global research programme, but to ensuring that each survey in our three-part annual study connects with expats in a meaningful way to understand their true experiences. We really want expats to have their say and need them to share their stories, good or bad, so that the statistical outcomes of each survey can be placed in real context” she explains.

Despite the initial upheaval, 71% of respondents intend to remain outside their country of origin; whilst 22% disclosed that they are considering moving on to a new destination and 8% have an active plan-of-action to achieve this imminently. Churches are praised for providing a lot of practical support as well as spiritual; and surprisingly the South Korean Government is highlighted as being a superb relocation facilitator and integrator; whilst Japan and China are sited as places where securing a work permit is painful unless your employer has clout or you have the right connections.

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