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How do you find a good lawyer abroad?

No… it is not a trick question – although it is easier said than done!

There are many reasons why you may need the assistance of a foreign lawyer when you are moving abroad – dealing with your new property purchase for a start!

Moving and buying a property abroad are big financial commitments with serious legal and financial consequences. Finding a lawyer that you can trust to guide you is one of the most important parts of the process.

Worldwide Lawyers has put together the following guide to help you find the right foreign lawyer to help you with your overseas move.

Find a Specialist

Not all lawyers are the same or do the same thing, so you should instruct a lawyer who specialises in the type of law that you need and has experience of advising people in a similar situation to yours.

Your lawyer should be independent

It is advisable to steer clear of a lawyer recommended by an estate agent, developer or a person on the other side of the transaction. This will help to avoid any conflicts of interest and the risk that your lawyer may not provide the most independent advice.

Your lawyer should be regulated

In most countries lawyers need to be registered with their regulatory body to legally practice. They should also have professional indemnity insurance so that you are covered should anything go wrong.

They also need to speak your language!

If you are moving to a non English-speaking country your lawyer will need to be fluent in both English and the local language so that they can advise you in a way that you understand.

Instruct someone you trust

In many cases where you are dealing with legal matters overseas your lawyer will deal with many important matters on your behalf and often in your absence. Your lawyer may ask for you to provide them with a Power of Attorney, for example, and you will need to feel you can entrust them with such important matters.

How do you find a lawyer who can provide all this?

If you need to find a reliable, independent, English-speaking lawyer abroad Worldwide Lawyers can assist you.

Worldwide Lawyers offer a FREE service to put you in touch with a recommended lawyer in the required location who specialises in the legal area that you need, saving you time and hassle. Worldwide Lawyers also ensure that the lawyer you instruct has a good reputation, is able to provide the advice you need in English and is properly regulated and insured, giving you peace of mind.

The help of a good lawyer can prove to be invaluable and this is particularly true when moving overseas and faced with unfamiliar cultures, legal procedures and languages.

If you need help to find an English-speaking lawyer abroad visit to see how Worldwide Lawyers can help connect you to a specialist legal advisor qualified to advise you in relation to your overseas legal needs.

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