Flying with a baby

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Baby with a pacifier or dummy Flying with a baby Plane journey with baby

How to survive air travel with a baby Flying with children of any age can strike fear into their parents and the other passengers alike. When you arrive at an airport with babies and children in tow, the dismayed looks on the other passenger’s faces says it all – “please … Read More

Flying when pregnant

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Flying during pregnancy. Pregnant woman holding a toy plane

Flying during pregnancy Many women will need to fly when they are pregnant, whether for a wedding, business trip or a well- deserved relaxing ‘baby-moon’. Whatever the reason, you may have some extra concerns or simply would like some practical tips to make your flight as relaxing as possible. It’s … Read More

Quotes about flying and air-travel

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Plane flying into a yellow sunset. Quotes about flying on aeroplanes

Five quotes about travelling by plane The modern airplane creates a new geographical dimension. A navigable ocean of air blankets the whole surface of the globe. There are no distant places any longer: the world is small and the world is one. ~ Wendell Willkie In America there are two … Read More

How long does jet lag last?

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Lots of clocks set to different time zones. How long to recover from jet lag.

What is jet lag? Jet lag is a consequence of travelling over numerous time zones very quickly. Your body takes a few days to catch up from its natural time to the time in your destination. Jet lag recovery time How long it takes to recover from jet lag depends … Read More

Quotes about airports

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An airport concourse with many people. Airport quotes

Airport quotes Serial travellers spend an inordinate amount of time in airports. Our well-travelled children are no strangers to the procedures and could probably negotiate their way through without an adult! However, airports are rarely pleasant places to spend too much time. It can hardly be a coincidence that no … Read More