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Quotes about languages

Football displaying many flags

The importance of learning a language Why learn a language? Well, it goes without saying that you will gain so much more from your new home country if you can make yourself understood! At the very least, you need to ... Read More »

The pregnant expat

A pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan picture

Pregnancy and childbirth in the US You’ve been trying for four months already? I think you should see a fertility doctor! We heard these words from my OB/GYN in Portland, Oregon after we had been trying to get pregnant with ... Read More »

Update on the Expat Chat forum

Big question mark filled with speech bubbles

 Where has the Expat Chat forum gone? As you will have noticed, the new Expat Chat forum is currently missing. Unfortunately, when this site was hacked last month, I had to do a lot of restoring, recreating, rebuilding and recoding ... Read More »

Why I am scared to go back to America

Returning to America Plane landing in sunset

Living the overseas dream I admit it. I really wasn’t all that afraid to pack my entire life, my family’s lives, and all our memories, into 28 suitcases. There was a great excitement that accompanied our 30 hour flight to ... Read More »

Apologies for my absence

Woman at computer desk with head in hands

What a week! As you may have been aware, Expat Child was hacked last week. It was a rather sneaky attack which, thankfully, didn’t kill all my articles, but was a nasty and damaging infiltration. However, it was so insidious ... Read More »