The first rule of Expat Club

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Two women hugging - Expat life and friendships

Expat life is a revolving door Expat postings are a bit like a revolving door; there’s always someone coming, someone going, entering, exiting, getting stuck with their nose pressed against the glass with a look of horrified “Oh-My-God-I’ve-Just-Made-The-Worst-Mistake-of-My-Life” on their face. Spinning around, sometimes missing the chance to jump out, … Read More

Expat photo contest

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Beach at sunset Expat Photo Contest Launching poster

Expats International Photo Contest has been launched The Expats International Photo Competition has been launched with the main aim of finding the most talented photographers within the expatriate communities across the world. Open to all and suitable for professional and non-professional photographers, this competition, whose website has just been officially … Read More

Chinese New Year

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Chinese new year objects. dragon, fan, oranges, red envelopes

Chinese New Year – 2015 the Year of the Goat (or Sheep!) With the Western festive season well and truly over, January and February can seem dull, grey and depressing in comparison. But there is something else to look forward to: the Chinese New Year. Based on a combination of … Read More

Which expat type are you?

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Images of expats and their reasons for moving overseas

10 types of expats People move abroad for various reasons. This chart shows the ten expat types that can occur. Maybe you’ll recognize some of your expat friends in our descriptions – or even yourself. So, which expat type are you? Click image to enlarge! Via  

An education abroad

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Young boy with backpack heading in to school

Education in Germany My children have never attended school in the States. They have attended German school since they were three and two years old. My son is now a little more than half-way through his first year in the Grundschule (elementary school), and my daughter has one more year … Read More

A change of scene

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Under construction

ExpatChild’s facelift Welcome to the new look website. I do hope you like the new look; I love it! It’s taken a while to finalise all this change, thanks to regular South African power outages and the Christmas holidays, but the bulk of the, rather major, redesign is now complete. … Read More

Christmas abroad

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Merry Christmas

How to experience Christmas overseas Christmas is swathed in cultural and family tradition so living overseas can mean a very different Christmas experience for you! Cultural differences Having spent Christmas in both America and Australia I know Christmas can differ wildly from country to country. Christmas is all about the … Read More

Exciting updates to ExpatChild

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Woman shouting into a megaphone

Expat Child is growing up! Doesn’t time fly? Expat Child has been running for over two years now and has evolved far quicker and much further than I ever anticipated. Now a ‘teenager’ in internet terms, Expat Child has outgrown its clothes and is occasionally temperamental. Mind you, the worst … Read More