Photo competition! What is home?

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Person holding a camera aimed at you

What is home? ExpatChild is excited to announce its first photo competition! Share your pictures of ‘home’ and be in with the chance of winning a beautiful, personalised illustration and a Trunki™ suitcase for your child. #HomeToUs What is ‘home’ to you? We know that it is an emotive and, … Read More

Displaced expatriate children

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Child playing near a barbed wire fence

Difficulties and crises in child migration The boundless new opportunities awaiting an expatriate family are well advertised, but the psychological problems and social issues experienced by migrating children is perhaps less known. The initial part of this investigation was spent exhausting the potential of Expatria’s children, of Third Culture Kids … Read More

Third Culture Kids: our global future?

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Girl drawing the world, cities and air travel

Who are Third Culture Kids? In the first exploration into the ‘imagined community’ of Expatria we established some of its key statistical contours, a rudimental mapping of a made-up nation. Its 232 million inhabitants make it the world’s fifth most populous ‘nation’, a population that has quadrupled in the last … Read More

How many expats are there?

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Woman's face painted blue with a yellow world map painted on

Expatria, the biggest country you have never heard of! Here we take ‘expat’ to mean anyone who lives outside of their nation of origin for at least six months of any twelve month period. There are 232 million people living outside of their nation of origin but what do we … Read More

Expats International Photo Contest

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Color of life

Expats photo contest – call for entries Expats International Photo Contest is announcing the opening of reception for submissions for the 2015 edition of the photography competition. Expatriates and world travelers, professional or amateur Photographers can now submit their photos to the one and only international photography competition dedicated to … Read More

Expat blogs

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Words in a word cloud about expat bloggers and links
Links to personal expat blogs The most useful and interesting way to find out what it’s like living in a new country is to read all about it from those already living there! On this page I list some links to personal expat blogs, ordered by country. Through these blogs ... Read More