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Quotes on friendship

As an expat, one of the most important – and difficult – issues to sort out is to create a new friendship and social circle.

Friends will become your new family; they will help you navigate your new life and provide comfort and laughs when needed.

Support your friends – even in their mistakes. But be clear, however, that it is the friend and not the mistake you are supporting.
~ Hugh Prather


Much of the vitality in a friendship lies in the honouring of differences, not simply in the enjoyment of similarities.
~ Unknown


Be careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.
~ W. Clement Stone


A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.
~ Unknown


The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
~ Hubert H. Humphrey, Jr.


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