Expat interview with Carole

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Carole Hallett Mobbs and her daughter

A British expat in Germany I was invited to be interviewed for ExpatsBlog.com. Here are my late-night answers after a rather hectic weekend…! Carole Hallett Mobbs moved from Britain to Tokyo, Japan in 2006 when their daughter was five years old and now currently lives in Berlin, Germany. Carole is … Read More

An expat child, grown up

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Clara as a child in the sea in the Phillipines

An ex-expat child As you pack your child’s suitcase for yet another overseas posting, start looking for a second, third or even fourth school for them and lay awake at night worrying about how they will fit in with a new set of friends, it might be reassuring to hear … Read More

Expect the unexpected

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Cartoon woman looking shocked looking at a computer

Plan for the unexpected Following on from this post about planning and packing for our first international relocation… As mentioned previously, I’d planned the packing of our possessions very thoroughly. But you can’t plan for what happens after the goods have left your home. We arrived in Tokyo on 22nd … Read More

Keeping in touch while overseas

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A toddler using a telephone How to keep in touch with friends and family overseas

Keep in touch Keeping in touch with your family and friends when you live overseas is simple in these days of modern technology. The internet has revolutionised such important contact in many ways. From email to Skype, there is no excuse for losing touch with people… unless you want to, … Read More