Step out of your comfort zone

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What is your comfort zone?

Your comfort zone refers to the set of environments, boundaries and behaviours with which you are comfortable, without creating a sense of risk. Stepping out of your comfort zone raises your anxiety levels which in turn, provokes a stress response. The result of this can be an enhanced level of concentration and focus.

Many people never step out of their comfort zone; the mental boundaries and restrictions they have created for themselves give them a sense of security, which may be unfounded.

Everyone’s comfort zone is different; some people enjoy jumping out of aeroplanes with a sheet of silk attached to their back, while others find it hard to even step into a plane in the first place. Only you know your own limits and can make changes to expand and develop your life.

Relocating out of your comfort zone

Moving overseas takes you a long way out of your comfort zone in every way possible! It can be very tempting to create new comfort zones for yourself once you have moved. This is fine unless it causes you to withdraw and miss out on your new life’s opportunities.

The more you cling to your comfort zone and the less you move out of it, the narrower that zone becomes. Expanding your personal comfort zone leads to more opportunities and a happier life.

Take risks

Your comfort zone is comfortable because you know what to expect: so the first step is to become comfortable with taking risk. Risk in this sense is not a life-threatening risk, it means stepping away from your perceived, and often unfounded, fears.

By its very definition, moving outside of your comfort zone will feel uncomfortable, but this sensation only lasts a short while. Once you have conquered one step, you will find it easier to venture further afield, physically and mentally. If you don’t challenge yourself, you stagnate and become stuck in a rut that is hard to climb out of. If you didn’t like one of your changes, you will at least have learned something new – you didn’t like that! Keep going until you find something you do like and enjoy. You’ll discover more interests and become a more interesting and rounded person in the process.

Don’t think about ‘what ifs’ or the worst case scenario; just do it. You might fail, but you are more likely to gain something wonderful. If things don’t go the way you expect, just wave it away and learn from it. Don’t let it put you off trying again.

Life is for living, not existing.

There are many inspirational quotes to keep in mind when making the decision to take the first step. Here are three for now. Copy them out and put them on your fridge to inspire you.

Quotes on stepping out of your comfort zone

Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.
~ Brian Tracy


The greatest risk in life is not to take risk at all.
~ Anonymous


Comfort zones are most often expanded through discomfort.
~ Peter McWilliams


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