Keeping in touch while overseas

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A toddler using a telephone How to keep in touch with friends and family overseas

Keep in touch Keeping in touch with your family and friends when you live overseas is simple in these days of modern technology. The internet has revolutionised such important contact in many ways. From email to Skype, there is no excuse for losing touch with people… unless you want to, … Read More

Do bilingual children learn new languages quickly?

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In my personal opinion – and I have no idea if this has been scientifically proven – if a child is raised as bilingual from birth, learning yet another language seems so much easier for them. I’ve met children who can speak several languages by the age of seven or … Read More

Expatriate or immigrant?

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Photo of a suitcase covered in labels

Are you an expat or an immigrant? Semantics The differentiation between these terms has sparked considerable debate over the years. A quick Google search on the term ‘expatriate vs immigrant’ threw up 899,000 results! Needless to say I haven’t read them all, but from what I have read it seems … Read More