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Preparing to move back to Australia

Are you thinking of moving back to Australia? You may have been born and raised there but if you’ve lived abroad for a few years you’ll almost certainly find it a culture shock going back. Nothing stays still for long and that includes your home country.

We’ve put together some tips and advice to help you ease back into Australian life.

Easier than moving abroad in the first place – or not?

Not necessarily. Things change and you’ll have just as many things to arrange when moving back as you did when moving out. There is plenty to focus on – Medicare, insurance, sorting out tax information and returns (in both countries) and much more besides. The sooner you can make a list and start tackling these issues, the easier the transition will be.

It can also be emotionally draining to move back to Australia, particularly if a lot has changed since you left. Practical concerns are not the only area to be aware of. It might be more draining to return to the place you left from. For example, you may have moved out of Sydney and you plan to go back there. This could be more challenging than moving from Sydney – a place you know well – and going back to live in Perth, on the opposite side of the country.

Preparing for practical concerns

There are plenty of them, which is why making a list can help you feel and remain more in control.

  • Pets – if you have pets in the country you’re in now, you’ll need to start looking into quarantine nice and early
  • Schools – if you have kids of school age, which schools will they go back to? Don’t leave it too late to get them into the schools you want.
  • Work – you may be relocating because you have a job back home already. If not, start looking before you move back. People working for large companies abroad might be able to relocate to work for another branch of the same company in Australia if it’s a big one.
  • Finding somewhere to live – will you rent or buy? Have things changed since you left Australia?
  • Hiring a removals company – you’ll need an international removals company like FN Worldwide that can handle removals to Australia. You can view more on their services at the following link.

If you have family back in Australia it is possible they could assist you with some of these aspects. Getting as much up-to-date information as you can will certainly help you tick off the practical aspects.

Preparing for emotional concerns

Many people assume it is easy to move back to their home country. Surely it should be easier to move back to a country you used to live in and were born in, than it is to move somewhere completely new? Not so, if the stories of many who have done it are to be believed (and they should be). There will have been many changes in Australia since you left. Obviously someone returning after a year will find it less challenging than someone returning after 10 years, but the changes will still be there. If you assume there will be an old familiarity you might be unprepared for what awaits you.

  • Be realistic – you will go through emotions you weren’t prepared for. You may cry because you’re leaving your ‘foreign home’, you may feel elated at the thought of returning home. You will probably do both.
  • Involve the kids too – don’t try to shield or ‘protect’ them from the move. They’ll have doubts and thoughts going through their heads just as you do through yours. The whole process will be easier if you do it as a family.
  • Do everything you always wanted to before you return to Australia – it doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in the UK, America or anywhere else. Visit those locations you always intended to but never did. Don’t leave to return to Australia feeling as if you didn’t do all you wanted to while you lived abroad.

As you can see, returning to Australia isn’t easy. However if you prepare well in advance you can take some control over repatriation. Control is a big issue because it helps make the path smoother for everyone.

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