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Welcome a “Granny” as a guest!

Experience how an au pair grandma can become part of your family and bring peace and stability into your everyday life with her reliable and experienced childcare. Our Grannies offer what many young au pairs are not able to manage and what families really appreciate.

They have life-experience, are down-to-earth and responsible. Our Grannies have time to bake, craft, cook and play. They give love, security and comfort and are there for the children when their parents are too busy during the week. Especially for current and future expat families a loving aupair grandma can be an extremely helpful support regarding childcare, also bringing bit of home-feeling into the new surroundings. Thus families have enough latitude to get used to the new situation in an unfamiliar country with a different culture. For more and more families an aupair grandma is turning out to be the ideal form of childcare.

Like Barbara Mueller, 66, who spent three months with an expat family in New Mexico, U.S. The father was based as a German army doctor at the Holoman Air Force Base. When the parents were in Germany for several weeks, Barbara Mueller looked after the household and the two teenagers.

Following a short period of settling in – like getting used to cooking for five people once again – the pensioner rapidly got used to everything – even going shopping with a big van and was quickly absorbed in the life of the patchwork-family.

Our agency, located in Hamburg, Germany, was the first of its kind on the market and was founded in 2010 by mother and grandmother Michaela Hansen. We are proud to be able to offer our clients these experiences and have already placed over 400 grannies in 40 countries.

Confidentiality, quality, openness and personal guidance are very important to us. We are in personal contact with all our members. Our price structure is totally transparent and without hid-den costs.

Just take a look at some of the experiences of our grannies and families and register free of charge to take a non-committal look at the profiles of our grannies.

“The Grannies’ life experience is worth its weight in gold.”

“Like last time, we were very lucky with our Granny.”

“She brought so much happiness into our home.”

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  1. What a lovely idea. We have had many rent a grans over the years to help our children settle in various different places.

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