Relocating overseas with pets

Moving overseas with pets Boy with a dog & suitcase

Pets are family too! Moving overseas with your pets isn’t as difficult as you might think. Admittedly, it can be frustrating, and expensive, but it’s do-able as long as you are meticulously organised. Unless there are concrete reasons why your ... Read More »

How to keep your kids happy on a plane journey

Child in a red suitcase shaped like a plane How to keep kids happy during a plane trip

Flying with young children This article was originally serialised in November 2012 and I’ve incorporated it into one post for easy reading. Steps to happy travels with young children (no matter how long the flight) I am strongly contemplating adding ... Read More »

Flying with kids: A risky business

Luxurious business class seats in the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner at Singapore Airshow February 12, 2012 in Singapore

Business class travel with children A highly coveted perk among airline families – the holy grail for many, I know – is being able to travel in business class with small children. Yes, your whole tribe, seated at the front ... Read More »

Don’t forget Teddy!

Travelling with children? Don't forget teddy! Teddy looking out of a window.

Travelling with kids: some tips Never underestimate the bond between a child and their favourite stuffed toy! While my daughter didn’t have a particular favourite until she was about five years old, whichever one was in her hands at a ... Read More »

We’re leaving on a jet plane

Crying toddler on a plane Flying with kids

Plane journey with kids It’s always about this time that the jitters set in. With just two days, five hours to go until our annual summer pilgrimage to the motherland – the packing yet to be tackled, my to-do list ... Read More »