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Preparation & Planning

Moving back home to Australia?

Sydney Harbour, Australia

Sponsored post by F+N Worldwide Preparing to move back to Australia Are you thinking of moving back to Australia? You may have been born and raised there but if you’ve lived abroad for a few years you’ll almost certainly find ... Read More »

Planning to move back home

Road sign saying The Beginning

Plan to repatriate Moving back to your home country isn’t as easy as you’d expect. People have repeatedly told me that repatriation shock, or reverse culture shock, is harder to deal with than adjusting to a foreign culture in your ... Read More »

Goodbye is just as important as Hello

Friends celebrating at a party

The importance of goodbyes When you move overseas an important part of your journey is going to be the “goodbye”. How do you say goodbye in the right way?  I’ll try and show why goodbyes carry so much meaning in today’s ... Read More »

Why I am scared to go back to America

Returning to America Plane landing in sunset

Living the overseas dream I admit it. I really wasn’t all that afraid to pack my entire life, my family’s lives, and all our memories, into 28 suitcases. There was a great excitement that accompanied our 30 hour flight to ... Read More »

Relocating overseas with pets

Moving overseas with pets Boy with a dog & suitcase

Can you take your pet when you move abroad? Moving overseas with your pets isn’t as difficult as you might think. Unless there are concrete reasons why your pet can’t move with you, it’s something you should really consider. Children ... Read More »