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Moving overseas with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare

Stressed woman with a suitcase and teddy Moving abroad with kids

5 key points when moving abroad with children Parents: moving overseas with kids doesn’t have to be a nightmare – it truly doesn’t! Remember, you are moving by choice. Your kids are not. It is only fair you take them ... Read More »

Steps to help your child with an overseas move

Girl in pink hat with world map and a suitcase

Even more control for your kid Some more tips to help you prepare your child for their overseas relocation and transition. Handing them something they feel they have control over helps them cope better with the move. Continued from the ... Read More »

How to prepare your child to move abroad

Boy looking through a magnifying glass

Hand some control to your child Continuing from the previous article about how your child has no choice about relocating abroad: Although when moving overseas with kids the initial decision to move is yours, you can and should involve them ... Read More »

A child has no choice about moving overseas

Prepare child for overseas move Girl surrounded by leaves

How to prepare your child for an overseas move Moving overseas: The one decision your kids won’t have a choice about. Discuss why you are moving, why you considered this the best choice for your family at this time. Remember ... Read More »

Relocating overseas with children

Prepare kids for move overseas. Man and woman jumping Child trying to reach them

What do kids miss most? When relocating with children, what may seem unimportant or trivial to an adult may be of profound importance to a kid. What do kids miss most? Friends/family, pets, girlfriend/boyfriend, favorite TV shows, favorite hangouts, teachers ... Read More »