The pregnant expat

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A pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan picture

Pregnancy and childbirth in the US “You’ve been trying for four months already? I think you should see a fertility doctor!” We heard these words from my OB/GYN in Portland, Oregon after we had been trying to get pregnant with our first child for about four months. She also added … Read More

Giving birth in Spain: part 3

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Maternity nurse with couple in the background holding a new baby Giving birth in Spain

A personal birth story 10 things I can tell you about giving birth in Spain (part 3) Continuing the birth story of Bibsey Mama: 6. The staff on duty appeared hell-bent on delivering getting my baby out by the end of the shift. All night we heard ¡Venga Venga Venga! … Read More

Fit to fly

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Pregnant woman. Flying in pregnancy. Reasons for returning to your home country to give birth

Giving birth in your home country Flying when pregnant As we saw in the previous post, attitudes about childbirth in Azerbaijan were very different. Some of the more startling myths included: Women with poor eyesight must have a C-section otherwise they would go blind. Placentas must be buried under the … Read More

Flying when pregnant

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Flying during pregnancy. Pregnant woman holding a toy plane

Flying during pregnancy Many women will need to fly when they are pregnant, whether for a wedding, business trip or a well- deserved relaxing ‘baby-moon’. Whatever the reason, you may have some extra concerns or simply would like some practical tips to make your flight as relaxing as possible. It’s … Read More