The first rule of Expat Club

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Two women hugging - Expat life and friendships

Expat life is a revolving door Expat postings are a bit like a revolving door; there’s always someone coming, someone going, entering, exiting, getting stuck with their nose pressed against the glass with a look of horrified “Oh-My-God-I’ve-Just-Made-The-Worst-Mistake-of-My-Life” on their face. Spinning around, sometimes missing the chance to jump out, … Read More

An education abroad

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Young boy with backpack heading in to school

Education in Germany My children have never attended school in the States. They have attended German school since they were three and two years old. My son is now a little more than half-way through his first year in the Grundschule (elementary school), and my daughter has one more year … Read More

A global citizen

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Many hands touching a globe

A global attraction Our local bookshops has a wonderful display of globes at the moment. They hang from the ceiling, sit on shelves and fill the entire window display. Lit up and softly glowing, they inspire passers by to think about the world of books within. When I first walked … Read More

Visiting our home country

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Three young girls and grandmother photographed in front of Niagra Falls

Going home… Visiting home… This is our vacation this summer – the first time back to the US since moving to France almost 3 years ago. It’s exciting, it’s strange, it’s comfortable, yet it’s not… For our trip, I had 2 important goals – one to see my immediate family … Read More

The pregnant expat

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A pregnant woman holding an ultrasound scan picture

Pregnancy and childbirth in the US “You’ve been trying for four months already? I think you should see a fertility doctor!” We heard these words from my OB/GYN in Portland, Oregon after we had been trying to get pregnant with our first child for about four months. She also added … Read More