8 Reasons for an expat to choose a doula

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What is a doula? A doula is a woman who gives emotional and practical non-medical support to another woman (and her partner) during her pregnancy, and during and after the birth. She is usually trained and has a wealth of birth experience. Why do I need one? I am a British expat and my three sons were all … Read More

The pregnant expat

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Pregnancy and childbirth in the US “You’ve been trying for four months already? I think you should see a fertility doctor!” We heard these words from my OB/GYN in Portland, Oregon after we had been trying to get pregnant with our first child for about four months. She also added … Read More

Giving birth in Spain: part 3

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Maternity nurse with couple in the background holding a new baby Giving birth in Spain

A personal birth story 10 things I can tell you about giving birth in Spain (part 3) Continuing the birth story of Bibsey Mama: 6. The staff on duty appeared hell-bent on delivering getting my baby out by the end of the shift. All night we heard ¡Venga Venga Venga! … Read More