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International school

Finding a nursery, school or university when abroad

Education abroad How to choose a school overseas Smiling teacher in front of a map

Sponsored post by Holland Park Tuition and Education Consultants How to choose a school overseas William Stadlen and Sabine Hook provide you with expert information and tips for making education choices abroad. Education is often the forgotten factor in expat ... Read More »

Going back to school doesn’t need to be a headache

Going back to school expat child

Expat kids go back to school For expat parents and their children, the start of September and a new year of schooling can be even more daunting than it is in the UK. The start of September can bring some ... Read More »

Surviving fieldtrips with special needs children

Girl looking at an elephant at the zoo Fieldtrip with special needs children

Fieldtrips are a part of school life Most schools have them, and international schools are no exception. I just went with my nonverbal special needs child on two. They were very different from each other. One was a no-brainer and ... Read More »

What kind of school is best for an expat child?

Choosing a school for your expat child. Expat education. Group of school children.

School options for expat kids Suzi Dixon of the Telegraph breaks down the different educational options available for children brought up outside the UK. A school with a British curriculum According to the Council of International Schools (CIS), an estimated ... Read More »

My own expat kid

A child's hands holding a globe. Parenting global nomads, expatriate children and third culture kids. Expat education.

Are expat kids happy? This post is a little different from the normal articles I put on this site. Mainly because it is personal, but I feel it’s relevant to Expat Child as it deals with questions we ask ourselves ... Read More »