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International school

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme

Southbank International School Young smiling woman studying

How to receive a rounded education, and be admitted to a top university Question: Why, as recent research suggests, are proportionately more IB diploma applicants made conditional offers to top UK universities than their peers applying with alternative qualifications? Statistics, ... Read More »

How to choose a school overseas

How to choose a school overseas for your expat child. Children playing schools.

Choosing a suitable school for your child is possibly one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make as a parent when relocating overseas. It can be especially difficult if your new country is a long distance from your current ... Read More »

Going back to school doesn’t need to be a headache

Going back to school expat child

Expat kids go back to school For expat parents and their children, the start of September and a new year of schooling can be even more daunting than it is in the UK. The start of September can bring some ... Read More »

Surviving fieldtrips with special needs children

Girl looking at an elephant at the zoo Fieldtrip with special needs children

Fieldtrips are a part of school life Most schools have them, and international schools are no exception. I just went with my nonverbal special needs child on two. They were very different from each other. One was a no-brainer and ... Read More »

International School or Local School?

international school or local school. Yellow school bus.

International School or Local School: A Complex Decision Now that the economy has begun recovery, families who selected local schools abroad because of financial constraints – either imposed by corporate policy or their own finances – may once again have ... Read More »