Raising a bilingual child

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Language children. Boy in headphones in front of a chalkboard with hello in many languages written on it.

Raising a bilingual child doesn’t have to be a big deal We’ve all heard the stories – ‘that mum at playgroup whose child can’t talk properly because she insists on teaching him two languages; it’s confusing for the poor little soul’. Well we call bunkum on this. It’s a myth … Read More

Repatriating with family

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Family with backpacks sitting on a hillside looking out over a lake

Expats returning home with children Sara is sharing her repatriation journey with us in a new series of posts to allow us a peek into her life as she and her family manage their return home. There and back again After 9 years of living in Courtenay, in the central … Read More

How to repatriate successfully

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Signpost pointing to arrivals and departures

What to expect when you move back home Not every person who has lived overseas ends up repatriating, but many do – especially if the reason you moved abroad in the first place was because of an overseas work placement. You’d think coming back ‘home’ would be easy. But the … Read More

Health planning for expats

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First aid and travel health for expats

The expat guide to a healthy start Moving abroad with your family is a huge change; different culture, different weather, different way of life… and in many places, completely different healthcare provisions. There are lots of things to consider. Do you need vaccinations to travel to your new home? Anti-malaria … Read More

How to teach a child another language

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Language learning for kids Man hand writing Learn another language

Kids love learning languages It’s a well-documented fact that young children are like little sponges; soaking up new information, learning at the fastest rate they’ll ever achieve and…loving it! So it’s no surprise really that teaching a new language at this age, whether it’s French, Spanish, Arabic or even Latin, … Read More

Expat life: Interviews from expats

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Mug with coffee beans Expat interview

Expat Espresso has been a year-long project where twelve lovely expats of all nationalities have contributed their wise words and well-considered advice on expat life. Regardless of their origin, and current location in the world, all these wonderful people took the time to answer the following questions: The answers are … Read More