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Keep your pet safe on packing day

Keep your pet safe and secure during the key points of your overseas relocation to smooth the transition for all of you. Pet crates are idea for home use, but ensure you have the correct type for the actual flight. If the incorrect crate is used, you face having the airline refuse to allow your beloved pet to fly with them.

With boxes everywhere, furniture all over the place and strangers coming and going all day, even the most even-tempered animal can become highly nervous. You don’t want your pet to get hurt or run away in fright, and in the confusion it’s very likely to happen and not be noticed.

A better option is to consider having someone else look after your pet on moving day. Whether this is with a trusted friend or family member, pet-sitter or boarding place, it will save a lot of stress for you and your pet.

Collect your pet once all the trucks have left if you are staying in your home for a while.

If you are leaving straightway, collect your pet at the last minute. Alternatively, most pet relocation services offer boarding near the airport and you would be wise to use this.

If none of these options are possible, secure the animal in a quiet room that will not have anyone going in and out. Warn everyone involved not to open the door.

On arrival at your new home

The first thing you need to do as soon as you arrive at your new home is to make sure that it is safe for your pet. Do this before your pet arrives and before you let it out of the travelling crate.

When we first arrived here in Berlin we were thrilled to discover we had a huge garden, but the surrounding fence was only a couple of feet high and our dog would have escaped immediately. Therefore, we had to keep her tethered on a very long line until we could arrange for the garden to be made totally dog-proof with a high fence. Regardless of being tied up, she still really enjoyed the new experience of having grass beneath her feet!

When you are confident that all is secure, make sure that all windows and external doors are closed before letting your pet out of the travel crate. Show them where their food and water is, but let them explore their new home in their own time. Keep everything calm, quiet and welcoming and don’t overwhelm your pet who will be stressed from the journey.

Have a litter tray prepared for your cat and keep the cat inside for a few weeks.

Keep your dog on a leash at all times when outside until you are all confident of your new surroundings.

During unpacking of the removals lorry, keep your pet safe as before – either by arranging a pet sitter or boarding service, or by confining it to a safe area for the duration. Check the lorry for cats before they leave – yes, one of mine has a habit of exploring vans and lorries…

Update your pet’s ID tag with your new address and phone number and make sure the microchip information is changed as well.

Now enjoy your new life in with your expat pet!

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  1. It’s said that moving is one of the most stressful things that will happen to a person in their lifetime. The same can be said for your pet. Especially when relocating your pets overseas. Totally new environment that lead to drastic changes.

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