The art of hand luggage

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Child sitting in a red suitcase

The reality of hand luggage – a guide to staying sane Regular air travellers quite often manage to perfect the art of hand luggage and travelling light. I’m getting there after many, many years of practice! But it’s taken some trial and error. The fantasist… As an adult, I’d love … Read More

How to pack for a move abroad

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Man taping up a packing box Moving overseas

Packing for a move overseas I’ve gathered many of the articles about packing to move house into one place to make it easy for you to find what you need to know. All the packing tips in one place! Just click on the title to read the full article. How … Read More

How to ship your goods internationally

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Friendly docker with shipping containers

International container shipping Whether you’re moving for work, starting a new life abroad or retiring to warmer shores you’ll probably want to take some of your possessions with you. There are two options when it comes to international container shipping; sofas, beds and all. Air shipping and sea shipping, each … Read More

Traveling circuses

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People on a fairground ride. Chairs spinning round

The trials of yet another house move Pack. Unpack. Repeat. As I prepare for yet another move, living among boxes and bubble wrap, it occurred to me that I’ve become very adept at packing. And unpacking. Not only are there the BIG moves, the ones involving shipping containers and lost-at-sea … Read More