How to combat jet lag – Infographic

woman relaxing on holiday looking at a plane

Jet lag demystified Did you know that there is an ‘anti-jetlag’ diet? I didn’t! See the infographic below for more information. Explore more visuals like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually. Read More »

Jet lag: how to avoid it and how to survive it

Jet lag Teen boy sleeping in front of a computer

zv7qrnb How jetlag affects you What is jet lag? How long does it last and how can you deal with it? Here are articles dealing with all those questions. Jet lag: what is it? Jet lag in babies and toddlers ... Read More »

How an expat child deals with transition

Resilient expat child Toddler with hands on hips looking down a long road

In December 2012 Laura explained how her little girl taught her how to cope with her new expat life. Here, I’ve merged the two articles into one for ease of reading. Learning resilience from my expat American toddler To say ... Read More »

Jet lag and children

Jet lag Woman awake in bed looking at alarm clock

Jetlag: Sleepless from Seattle This space is mostly about a family living life abroad and the joys of traveling with children. But anyone who has done it, knows that there are a few obstacles to overcome when you decide to ... Read More »

Settle your child into a new home – quickly!

A young girl bouncing on a pink bed. Happy child settled in a new home

10 tips to help your child feel at home The first few days in a new home can be disconcerting. Help your child settle in as quickly as possible with these ten tips. 1) Sort out the sleeping arrangements Depending ... Read More »