Third Culture Kids: our global future?

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Girl drawing the world, cities and air travel

Who are Third Culture Kids? In the first exploration into the ‘imagined community’ of Expatria we established some of its key statistical contours, a rudimental mapping of a made-up nation. Its 232 million inhabitants make it the world’s fifth most populous ‘nation’, a population that has quadrupled in the last … Read More

Learn to code in the UK this summer

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Young coders working on a robot

Bring your kids up to code Tech is no longer just for geeks; it’s an incredible, creative space where the sciences and arts collide. You may have heard about the ‘digital skills gap’ and the need to put digital literacy at the heart of education. Such arguments are well-grounded although … Read More

8 Reasons for an expat to choose a doula

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close up of a baby sleeping

What is a doula? A doula is a woman who gives emotional and practical non-medical support to another woman (and her partner) during her pregnancy, and during and after the birth. She is usually trained and has a wealth of birth experience. Why do I need one? I am a British expat and my three sons were all … Read More

Expat teen – parent relationships

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Parent and teen girl smiling expat relationships

Maintaining a strong parent-teen relationship abroad Why did you choose to move abroad? There might be many reasons, but ultimately you were most likely, in one form or another, looking for experiences that would benefit your family. Living in a foreign country can be stressful at times. Having to keep … Read More

How would you feel if your child became an expat adult?

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Expat teen waiting on a train platform with a backpack

Would you like for your child to become an expat? St. John’s International School conducted a poll among expat parents and asked “Would you like for your child to become an expat?” The majority of respondents, 66.1%, responded “yes”, 11.3% said “no” and 22.6% said they are not sure if … Read More