How to raise bilingual kids

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Raise bilingual children

A guide to raising bilingual children Improving language skills at any stage in life is always a good idea. It can lead to greater career opportunities and can also improve cultural awareness and social skills while travelling. For younger children, promoting bilingualism can also have the above benefits as well … Read More

Expat parenting

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Happy expat family of four having a picnic

Adjusting to family life abroad How does parenting as an expat differ from parenting at home? Just as the three rules of real estate are location, location and location, the three rules of parenting, most would agree are love, love and love. We may differ as to how we express … Read More

Teach kids the value of money

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Elmo teaching kids the value of money

Spoiling versus pampering There’s a difference between being spoiled and being pampered. When my middle child was well past the fabled terrible twos, we had one major episode that happened when this little human was in a humungous hallway in Toys ‘R’ Us. He wanted a toy (naturally) which I … Read More

Displaced expatriate children

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Child playing near a barbed wire fence

Difficulties and crises in child migration The boundless new opportunities awaiting an expatriate family are well advertised, but the psychological problems and social issues experienced by migrating children is perhaps less known. The initial part of this investigation was spent exhausting the potential of Expatria’s children, of Third Culture Kids … Read More